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Most iconic flower fashion moments in history

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Flowers have long been a source of inspiration for fashion designers, and throughout history, they have been used to create some of the most iconic fashion moments. From the flower crowns of the 1960s to the floral prints of the 1990s, flowers have played a prominent role in fashion, both on and off the runway. Here are some of the most iconic flower fashion moments in history.


The Flower Crown

Perhaps one of the most iconic flower fashion moments in history is the flower crown of the 1960s. This simple accessory was worn by women of all ages and was often made from real flowers, woven together to create a delicate, feminine look. Flower crowns were popular at music festivals and other outdoor events and were often worn with flowing dresses or loose, Bohemian clothing.

The Floral Maxi Dress

In the 1970s, the floral maxi dress became a staple of Bohemian fashion. These long, flowing dresses were often made from lightweight, breathable fabrics and featured bold floral prints in a range of colours. The floral maxi dress was popular among women of all ages, and was often paired with sandals or platform shoes.

The Flower Power Movement

The 1960s and 1970s were marked by the flower power movement, which emphasised peace, love, and a connection to nature. Flowers were a key symbol of the movement and were often incorporated into clothing and accessories. T-shirts, dresses, and jewellery featuring flower motifs were popular, and the peace sign, which incorporated a flower design, became an iconic symbol of the movement.

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The Flower Print Suit

In the 1980s, the flower print suit became a popular fashion choice for women. These suits featured bold, colourful floral prints and were often paired with coordinating blouses or tops. The flower print suit was a statement piece and was often worn in professional settings to convey confidence and style.

The Grunge Era

In the 1990s, grunge fashion took hold, and with it came a new wave of floral fashion. This time, the floral prints were darker and moodier, reflecting the mood of the era. Dresses and skirts featuring floral prints in black, grey, and other dark colours were popular and were often paired with combat boots and leather jackets.

The Flower Embellished Gown

In recent years, the flower-embellished gown has become a popular choice for red-carpet events and other formal occasions. These gowns feature intricate floral embellishments, often made from beads, sequins, or appliques and are designed to create a dramatic look. The flower-embellished gown is a modern take on the floral fashion trend, and has been worn by celebrities such as Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o.

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Flowers have had a significant impact on the world of fashion and have been used to create some of the most iconic fashion moments in history. Flowers continue to inspire designers and fashion lovers alike. 

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