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What Are The Most Popular Flowers For Cocktail Garnishes?

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2021 has been a year to forget, so what better way to celebrate the new year than with a cocktail? When adding a flower garnish to your drink, keep in mind that some flowers are not edible. Our suggestions for safe flowers as a cocktail garnish will add to the presentation of your drinks as you party with friends and family this year.



Hibiscus flowers are a classic cocktail garnish. With flowers in tones of red, pink, yellow, orange and even purple, these flowers are a versatile choice as they are bright and work with any colour palette. You will most commonly use hibiscus flowers with champagne or sparkling wine but they will make a sophisticated garnish for cocktails containing rum, gin and vodka. 



Add some class to your cocktails with a rose petal as a garnish. Choose a red, white or yellow depending on the colour of your drink, but if you’re looking to create the most drama, a red rose petal is the way to go. Rose petals are most commonly used for cocktails containing rum, gin, bourbon and vodka. Explore Interflora’s range of roses to source your petals and also style your home with the remaining flowers in the bouquet. 



Violets are petite, delicate and present a velvety texture. Most importantly, they offer an intense purple to add to the colour of your drinks. To add some more excitement to your violets, you can glaze them in water and sugar to add some sweetness when someone eats them. Violets are generally used for cocktails that include gin and rum.


Lavender is abundant in summer and provides a pleasant touch of earthiness with a whisper of floral aromatics to your cocktail. The subtle purples that lavender flowers display will add contrast to the colours of your cocktail. Lavender is generally seen as a preferred garnish for cocktails that include gin as it helps open up the earthy botanical notes of the dry gin.

baby breath.jpg

Baby’s breath

Baby Breaths are classic, long-lasting, flowers are often found in mixed bouquets supplementing larger flowers. They make an excellent choice as a cocktail garnish as they have delicate petals that provide a diverse set of textures to the drink. These flowers are a great addition to cocktails that have subtle flavours of botanicals such as gin, as it gives a visual cue to the flavour profile.

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