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Moth Orchids

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Where are they from?

Moth orchids are native to southern China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, New Guinea and Queensland.

 What are Moth Orchids?

Moth orchids (Phalaenopsis orchids) are one of the most popular varieties of orchids around and are commonly given as gifts to celebrate birthdays and housewarmings. Effortlessly elegant, moth orchids are perfectly symmetrical flowers.

Named ‘moth’ after their broad wing-like petals, these beautiful blooms flower year-round and are available in a variety of colours including; pink, purple, red, white, yellow, orange and green. An orchid in one colour can have a completely different meaning to another. Learn about the meaning and symbolism behind orchids in our orchid symbolism blog.

Love moth orchids but not sure how to keep them blooming? Follow our tips below!

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Moth Orchid care and maintenance:

  1. It is very important not to overwater your moth orchid. Overwatering is recognised as the most common cause for death among moth orchid plants. Moth orchids are an epiphytic plant. This means that, in their natural habitat, they attach themselves by their roots to trees or rocks and not in the soil. Their roots are not used to constant moisture and as a result, over watering can cause root rot.
  2. When re-potting, ensure you use the right potting mixture. A bark mix is best. Do not re-pot your moth orchid in soil as soil retains too much water. The potting mixture need to allow the roots of your moth orchid to access air and to dry relatively quickly.
  3. Keep your moth orchid away from direct sunlight. Moth orchids are not used to direct sunlight in their natural habitat, taking shade from the tree canopies above them. As a result direct sunlight can burn the leaves very easily.
  4. Orchids are native to hot humid places so ensure that you keep your moth orchid warm. A good place to keep your orchid plant is in the bathroom, out of direct sunlight.
  5. Don't forget to feed your orchid plant. A little food will go a long way with your moth orchid!

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