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Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

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If you’re a mum, look away! These craft ideas might be a surprise just for you!

Every mum is unique, special and different in their own way, but one thing that’s common amongst them all is that they’d prefer to receive a meaningful gift from the heart over an expensive store-bought present any day. We’re lucky that each year, on Mother’s Day we have the chance to celebrate and thank our mums, grandmas, and all the motherly figures in our lives for all they do for us. 

Pamper your mum this Mother’s Day with brunch in bed, a hand-made card or a Mother’s Day craft. These DIY Mother’s Day crafts are plenty of fun to make together with the help of dad or your younger siblings, and not to mention a great way to occupy the kids for a few hours.


Handmade Cards

Nothing says “I Love You” like a special card made just for her! Get the kids to work on a project together, or have them make one each and help them create a homemade card using things you’ll find in your arts and crafts box. 

They might like to make a drawing for her, write a special letter or decorate a card with pipe cleaner art and pom poms (or all of the above). Find a space away from mum and round up the kids for a crafty afternoon of card-making. She’ll love and cherish these forever - I know mum still has mine!

Mother's Day Crown

Every mum deserves to be treated like royalty on her special day with her own festive headgear. Help your little ones construct one for their mum and one of their own too. Make a crown out of sparkly pom-poms and pipe cleaners. The crown base can be made just by bending pipe cleaners into shape, and then decorate by sticking things onto the pipe cleaners. 

It turns out it is really to braid with pipe cleaners – just tape one end down to the table and see your own unique creation come together. Add some flowers from the garden if you’d like to as well. No matter how the finished product turns out, it will always have a sentimental factor and trust us, she'll love it.

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DIY Crayon Candle

These colourful crayon candles give readymade candles a run for their money, and mum will absolutely love putting these on display. If you’ve got kids around; you’d definitely have stubs of old crayons that can be used for this craft. Your little ones will need your help and supervision at all times for this. To make homemade crayon candles you will need wax, wicks, old crayons, and glass containers. The best part of this activity is watching your kids choose the colours they think mum will love the most. 

Choose colours to melt with wax. Once you warm the wax, place your wick at the bottom supporting it upwards, add essential oils to create a beautiful aroma as the candle burns and work in one colour at a time. Put it in the fridge to set after every layer and continue until you run out of room for layers. Let it set a final time and voila, your candle is ready to burn. 

Hand Painted and Planted Pots

If your mum loves her plants, why not paint a flower pot and plant a flower in it too? Anything with flowers always sounds perfect to us! For this craft you’ll need a terracotta flower pot, acrylic paints, brush, soil, seeds and some imagination! It’s a fun, inexpensive gift that will bring a smile to mum's face and brighten her day, especially when she realises that all the cute little flowers and bug prints on the pots are made of her little one's thumbprints! 

Scoop some soil into the pots and place the seeds very carefully, cover them with dirt, water them and put them on a windowsill so they can get plenty of sunshine. Mum will have the most loved-up garden on the block thanks to these personalised planters. 

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DIY Aprons

Mum’s cook the best food, that’s something we can all agree on. This craft is going to help them in the kitchen to get a little less messy and serve as a sweet reminder of how much she means to you, when she wears a customised printed apron every time she cooks. Turn a blank apron into a darling sentimental gift for mum this Mother’s Day with simple crafting materials, a sponge, scissors, paint brush and acrylic paint. 

Cut the sponges into a shape of your choice, let’s say stars? Colour the sponges with a vibrant red and dab it on the apron. Do the same with different shapes and colours, scattering the prints around the cloth. 

If none of these ideas inspired you, other ideas include handmade jewellery, scrapbooking, moulding with clay or playdough and so much more you can find on Pinterest! Show us on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #InterfloraAU.

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