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What to Write on Mother's Day Card - 60 Messages (2024)

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This Mother’s Day, take a moment to pause, reflect, and write down your most heartfelt sentiments. And if you can’t seem to find the proper words to say, don’t worry, we got you. Here are some things to write in a Mother’s Day card:

Short & Simple Mother’s Day Messages

Short, sweet, and straight from the heart—sometimes, the most heartfelt Mother’s Day card message needs only a few words. Here are examples of short and simple messages to write on your Mother’s Day card.

What to Write on Mother's Day Card

Funny Mother's Day Messages

Give your mum a good chuckle or a laugh with these hilarious and relatable Mother’s Day card messages.

Sweet & Loving Mother's Day Messages

Celebrate your special bond with your mum with a sweet and loving Mother's Day card message. From heartfelt expressions of gratitude to cherished memories shared, these messages are sure to warm your mother's heart on her special day.

Mother’s Day Messages for First-Time Mums & Mums-to-Be

Being a new mum can be overwhelming, and sometimes even scary. Let her know she’s appreciated on her first-ever Mother’s Day.

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Mother’s Day Messages for Stepmum

She may not be the one to have given you life, but she’s the one who stepped up to fill your life with unconditional love, guidance, and unwavering support. Express how her presence in your life is a true blessing with these messages:

Mother's Day Card Messages for Grandma

Honour the unconditional love and wisdom of your grandmother this Mother’s Day. Here’s what to write on their Mother’s Day card:

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Mother’s Day Card Messages for Mother Figures

A mum’s unconditional love goes beyond blood ties and extends to those who have touched their lives in profound ways. Whether they’re an aunt, mentor, or family friend, let them know how much their support means to you with an earnest Mother’s Day card message.

Mother's Day Card Messages for Your Wife or Partner

Celebrate the love of your life and the mother of your little ones with these Mother’s Day card messages. Express your appreciation for all she does with words that come straight from the heart.

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Mother's Day Card Messages for Mother-In-Law

From heartfelt expressions of gratitude to warm wishes and loving sentiments, find the perfect words to convey your appreciation for the woman who has welcomed you into her family with open arms. 

Mother's Day Messages for Daughter or Granddaughter

Being a mother doesn’t stop even if your daughter is already a mum on her own. Express your love, admiration, and pride for the incredible mothers they've become while also acknowledging the special place they hold in your heart as beloved daughters or granddaughters. 

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Mother's Day Messages for Your Sister

Sisters play a unique and irreplaceable role in each other’s lives. Express your appreciation for the incredible mother she is or is becoming, and celebrate the bond that makes your sisterhood truly special on this Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Messages for Difficult Relationships

Sometimes, it can be extra difficult to think about what to write on a Mother’s Day card when you don’t have a conventional relationship with your mum. Even if you don’t have it in your heart to write a sweet message, you can still acknowledge the role they’ve played in your life through these simple messages.

How to Choose the Perfect Mother’s Day Card She’ll Love

1. Consider Her Personality

What is your mum like? Is she sentimental and emotional or does she have a great sense of humour? Choose a card that reflects her personality and preferences.

2. Think About the Message

This is the heart of your Mother’s Day card, so take time to reflect on what she means to you and the emotions you want to express. If you’re struggling to find the right words, consider jotting down some notes or brainstorming ideas before you start looking for the perfect card or you can just pick one from above.

3. Choose the Design Wisely

Think about what your mum’s hobbies and aesthetic preferences are. If she loves gardening, consider a card with flowery, botanical designs. If she enjoys travel, choose a design with her favourite landmarks. Also look for cards made from high-quality materials with crisp, vibrant printing. A well-crafted card with attention to detail will enhance the overall presentation and make your Mother’s Day card feel extra special.

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How to Personalise Your Message

Personalising your Mother’s Day message adds a heartfelt touch that makes your card truly special. Here are three ways to personalise your message and make it memorable:

1. Incorporate Personal Memories

Whether it's a funny childhood story, a special moment you shared together, or a memorable adventure you went on, including personal memories in your message shows thoughtfulness and creates sentimental value. For example, you could reminisce about a favourite family vacation, a meaningful tradition you have, or a special milestone you celebrated together.

2. Match the Message with a Gift

Coordinate your Mother’s Day card message with a thoughtful gift that complements the sentiment you want to express. If your message expresses gratitude for your mother's love and support, consider pairing it with a Mother's Day flower or a Mother’s Day hamper. Matching your message with a thoughtful gift shows attention to detail and adds an extra layer of meaning to your gesture.

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3. Add Mother's Day Quotes

Incorporate inspirational quotes about motherhood or love into your message to add depth and meaning. Whether you choose a classic quote from a famous author or an earnest sentiment from your own heart, including quotes can elevate your message and powerfully convey your feelings. Some of the quotes you can add are:

Celebrate Your Mum With a Heartfelt Message and a Gift

Our mums have always been a constant presence in our lives and sometimes, we forget to express just how much they mean to us. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show our appreciation and love for all they’ve done. 

So, skip the quick texts and chats and take the time to craft a heartfelt and personalised Mother’s Day message. Make your gesture even more special with a Mother's Day flower that complements your sweetest sentiments. Interflora™ Australia has an array of floral gifts perfect for expressing your love and gratitude for the extraordinary mum in your life.

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