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The Stunning Osiria Rose

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All roses are stunning but there are some roses that are simply breath-taking and the Osiria Rose is one of those beauties!


These red and white roses grow on bushes with dark green leaves and the result is simply striking!  

The Osiria Rose is a hybrid tea rose. Created from cross breeding Hybrid Perpetuals with Tea roses, these beautiful flowers give the impression of artificiality.

The interior of the petals are red, while the exterior is a luminous white. Soft and sumptuous, these stunning blooms seem too good to be true, and they almost are. While these lovely roses certainly do exist, they are difficult to get hold of and are quite costly.  

These velvety roses are also known by the names Korsir rose and red blend Hybrid Tea rose. Originally bred by Reimer Kordes in 1978, in Germany, they were first introduced in France by Willemse France who branded them, “Osiria”. Flowering from June to November, the Osiria Rose can reach a height of 120cm to 180cm. Partial to full sun, this particular bloom also prefers a well-drained location.  

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