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The Best Frost Tolerant Plants in Australia

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As winter sets in across Australia, gardeners may feel discouraged by the prospect of trying to keep their plants thriving during the cold months. However, there are several Australian frost tolerant plants that can withstand the colder temperatures and add some vibrancy to your winter garden. Here are our top picks:


Winter Pansies and Violas

Consider planting winter pansies and violas for a burst of colour that will last all winter long. These plants are unbeatable for their beauty, unique scent, and remarkable hardiness. They surprisingly love cooler temperatures and continue to bloom even through harsh winter conditions. Plant them in a sunny position among loose, well-drained soil in March, and by July, you'll have large, brightly coloured blooms in abundance. Fill your yard with scattered or clustered pansies in joyful hues to make them stand out and look much more cheerful.



If you're looking for a tough, frost tolerant evergreen climber that can withstand winter's chill, look no further than the Hardenbergia. Commonly known as the "happy wanderer", this plant produces royal-purple flower sprays and deep glossy green foliage that birds and butterflies love. It can adapt to almost any spot in your garden, but planting it in a semi-shaded area with well-drained soil is ideal. Whether creeping along the garden floor or climbing up a wall or fence, the Hardenbergia's impressive flower chains can tolerate a light frost and bring vibrancy to your winter garden.



Winter Daphne, also known as fragrant Daphne, is a sweet-smelling evergreen shrub that can be frost tolerant but needs protection from strong winds. They thrive in moist, rich, well-drained soil under the morning sun or in dappled shade. The compact clumps of waxy, round, pale heads of the winter Daphne sport delicate white, cream, yellow, or pink hues from February to March. Add a pop of colour to your garden with this rewarding plant that can grow in your gardens or pots during winter.


If you're looking for low-growing native shrubs that can even tolerate snow once established, Grevilleas are a great option. These striking plants have spider-like blooms in bright red, pink, and yellow hues that last throughout winter. They come in all shapes and sizes and can grow well across Australia. Just ensure they’re planted in well-drained soil, under full sun, and sheltered from strong winds.

While gardening in winter may seem challenging, it's not impossible. By choosing hardy, frost tolerant plants, you can add vibrancy to your winter garden with Australian plants that can withstand cooler temperatures. These plants will continue to thrive even during the coldest months of the year. 

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