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The Most Beautiful Purple Flowers In The World

3 min read

Unlike many of the blue flowers we see all over the web, purple flowers really do exist and they are absolutely beautiful. The colour purple evokes many different emotions and associations. From wealth, extravagance and wisdom to mystery, magic and royalty - this colour in flowers can evoke many different emotions. There are so many purple flowers we just love, we’ll take them single stemed or wrapped up in a big bouquet. With so many stunning flowers to choose from we needed to be selective - these are our absolute favourites. Which purple flowers do you love most of all?


Orchids come in all colours and shades (including dyed varieties like blue!), but there’s something to be said for purple orchids. Their unique structure and rich shades make them the most elegant and sophisticated flower of their kind. Over time these stunners have come to represent royalty, respect, admiration and dignity.


They might be known as the ‘poor man’s rose’ but we wouldn’t turn our nose up at pretty purple lissies! Silky soft, these lovely flowers come in a range of different shades of purple from pastel to deep, dark shades. Each shade is very different and each one conveys a slightly different emotion but every single one is gorgeous.


We bet you thought purple roses didn’t really exist! There’s no Photoshop trickery here, purple flowers do grow naturally in a lovely violet shade. Evoking meanings of royalty and extravagance, a bouquet of these beauties is just the way to liven someone’s low spirits.


You didn’t think we’d leave lavender out did you? Impossible! Uniquely beautiful and wonderfully fragrant,no list of beautiful purple flowers would truly be complete with lavender. Not only is this flower a beautiful addition to any garden but it’s also a delectable edition to the dinner table. Lavender infused cupcakes, ice cream, cocktails and salads show just how diverse this natural beauty really is.


There are reportedly around 3,000 varieties of tulips in the world so it’s not terribly surprising that there are beautiful purple variations among the range. While red are said to be the most popular and pink the most beloved, purple tulips are just that little bit more special because they are so rarely seen in stores.

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