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Reasons to Thank Your Grandparents

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Grandparents Day is all about taking the time to appreciate our grandparents and everything they have done for us.

Spending time with grandparents as we grow up is a wonderful gift, and they offer us so much more than we often realise.

This Grandparents Day we will be showing our thanks and love by visiting our grandparents, sharing sweet treats, and sending them thoughtful cards, flowers, or gifts.

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Here are just some of the reasons we love grandparents…

Grandma makes the best cookies ever

Perhaps it’s from her years of practice, but for some reason we can never get ours to taste quite as good as hers.

But it’s not just cookies, if your grandma is anything like ours she will have four different kinds of cake on hand at all times and will jump up to make you lunch the second you walk in the door.

We love nothing more than having a cup of tea with our grandma and trying to work out the secret behind her amazing baking skills.

Grandpa tells great stories

You’ve probably heard them more than once but who can complain when the stories are so fascinating!

From how he met grandma, to his first job, the many family pets that have come into the home over the years, funny things you did as a child, the adventures he’s been on, how your grandparents bought their first home, or stories about his childhood; grandpas always have a good story to suit any topic of conversation.

If your own grandfather doesn’t willingly share hundreds of stories each time you visit, prompt him, it will be well worth it! You might even learn some funny stories about your parents.

They took amazing care of you

Between doing the school run, babysitting when your parents wanted a break, taking you to weekend sports and cheering from the sidelines or helping with your school projects or costumes, grandparents were there for it all.

Our parents may have done most of the everyday things, but having that extra support team made it easier on them and you.

They don’t call them ‘GRANDparents’ for nothing!


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They offer unconditional love and support

Grandparents are always there to offer the best hugs, and their welcoming home is often an escape from troubles.

Think back to when you got in trouble with your parents; your grandparents might have pretended to also be angry at you, but they probably relented a lot quicker and gave you a hug and a piece of cake.

If you’re ever feeling down or lonely, a grandparents love will be there to bring you back up.

Grandparents are full of wisdom

They have been there and done that over the years, and know plenty about all of it!

Whether it’s your career, money, love, travel, or life in general, grandparents are full of wisdom to offer.

Plus unlike parents, they’re usually a little more objective when it comes to what’s best for you.

Next time you need advice head straight to nan and pop’s house, they will likely have some great suggestions.


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We’d love to hear your grandparent stories, head to our Facebook Page and let us know what makes your grandparents fabulous!

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