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Skeleton Flower

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skeleton flower 1.jpg

The Diphylleia Grayi flower is also known as the ‘Skeleton Flower’, and while at first glance it may appear to be an ordinary bloom, there is actually something quite extraordinary about it.

skeleton flower 1.jpg

This interesting perennial is found in areas including East Asia and Japan and can grow to a height of 0.4 metres and up to one metre wide. Blooming from mid-spring to early-summer, these little pretties prefer shady conditions and should only receive partial sunlight.

skeleton flower 2.jpg

While all of these characteristics and preferences may seem quite on the level, it’s when it rains that this pretty flower displays its uniqueness. Due to the delicate nature of the petals, rainfall turns its little petals completely clear! Its petals become transparent and glisten like glass with the effects of a little H2O!

Watch the video below to see these flowers change with the rain!

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