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Stargazer Lily

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If you love lilies then you’re probably already very familiar with the exquisitely beautiful Stargazer Lily. This striking beauty is a hybrid lily from the Oriental group. Oriental lilies are renowned for their fragrant perfume. While all lilies are beautiful, not all have the sweet-smelling scent that these blooms do.


The origin of the Stargazer Lily is actually very interesting. Stargazers are sometimes incorrectly called ‘Rubrum’ – this is a reference to an earlier version of the lily. Rubrum Lilies were commercially produced before the Stargazer Lily existed. While very similar in appearance, there is one marked difference between the two types of lilies: Stargazer Lilies point upwards while Rubrum Lilies point downwards.

Due to the Rubrum Lily’s tendency to droop downwards, customers would sometimes incorrectly presume that the flowers were dead. It was in 1974 that lily breeder, Leslie Woodriff, brought the Stargazer Lily into existence. The Californian lily breeder sought to overcome the drooping nature of the Rubrum through the process of cross-breeding. Woodriff named the new cross 'Stargazer', as the flowers now faced upwards, towards the sky.

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Image via Kelvinsong

Stargazer Lilies bloom in mid to late summer and grow best in direct sunlight. As garden plants, these wonderful blooms are perfect for attracting birds and best of all, they are very low maintenance. Flowers convey many meanings and emotions and lilies are no different. Learn all about the symbolism of lilies here.

Stargazer Lilies make for great cut flowers. Not only do they release a lovely fragrant scent but they are also long-lasting, making them a favourite among florists. Stargazer Lilies can last between four and five days in a vase and longer if cut in bud form. Want to keep your Stargazer Lilies blooming for longer? Use these tips below:

Looking after Stargazer Lilies

1. Prepare your lilies: First and foremost, the best way to ensure longevity is to recut the stems before placing them in a vase, as this enables the lilies to draw up water more easily. It’s also important to ensure that you replace the water and recut the stems every two to three days.

2. Keep Stargazer Lilies away from direct sunlight: While Stargazer Lilies grow well in direct sunlight, as cut flowers they will last longer when kept in a cool area away from direct sunlight.

Learn more about caring for your flowers with our flower care tips.

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