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How Can You Support Teal Ribbon Day 2023

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Teal Ribbon Day is on the 23rd of February 2023. It’s a day to support Australians affected by Ovarian cancer and raise awareness of this deadly disease to help fund research to eliminate this disease from the world. If you’re looking to support this great cause, there are many ways you can help.

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Purchase a Teal Ribbon

Teal is the colour that represents ovarian cancer and is used to raise awareness and support for those affected by this disease. You can show your support for people affected by the disease by wearing an official Ovarian Cancer Australia Teal Ribbon in the lead-up to February 23. If you want to buy a teal ribbon or other teal items, they are available on the OCA website. 

Interflora Ovarian Cancer Collection

Interflora Australia proudly supports Ovarian Cancer Australia (OCA) to help save lives, raise awareness and provide support for ovarian cancer sufferers and their families. Our Ovarian Cancer Collection features six, limited-edition floral arrangements. Each flower gift can be sent to a bold and inspiring woman who has been touched by ovarian cancer to show how amazing she is. Each flower arrangement and floral bouquet includes white chrysanthemums, roses, carnations and more, such as our Bold bouquet. The bouquet is handcrafted by local florists and is perfectly wrapped and tied with a teal ribbon.

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Support Teal Ribbon Day Fundraisers

There are many ways that individuals can support Teal Ribbon Day and those affected by ovarian cancer. One way is by participating in local events and fundraisers that support ovarian cancer research and awareness. Many communities hold walk-a-thons, charity runs, and other events that raise money for ovarian cancer research and support organisations. Joining or organising a local event is a great way to show support for those affected by ovarian cancer and help raise awareness about the disease.

Make a Donation to the Ovarian Cancer Australia

Individuals can also support Teal Ribbon Day by donating to Ovarian Cancer Australia (OCA). OCA relies on donations to fund its work and support those affected by ovarian cancer. Donating even a small amount can make a big difference in the fight against ovarian cancer.

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Raise awareness about Ovarian Cancer

You can also support Teal Ribbon Day by raising awareness about the event and the disease. Sharing posts, articles, or other information about ovarian cancer and Teal Ribbon Day can help to educate others and raise awareness about the disease. Additionally, it's important to raise awareness about the ongoing research in the field, to advocate for more funding for the research. By educating your community and others about the disease, one can help to grow the cause to fight ovarian cancer.

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