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Top 10 movies to watch with mum this Mother’s Day

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Looking for a sweet way to spend some quality time with mum this Mother’s Day without fighting the brunch crowds or over-spending on fancy high tea? We’ve got the perfect solution, plan a day on the couch with a cute movie mum will love (tea and miniature cakes optional)!

Read on for our top Mother’s Day movie suggestions…

Mother’s Day

The title alone makes this movie a must-watch on the big day. Featuring mum-approved celebs including Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston, it follows three generations as they come together to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Bad Moms

Three overworked mums ditch their usual responsibilities to cut loose for some crazy fun. It will provide hearty laughs and make you appreciate your own mum even more!


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Grab a tissue box or two for this one as a terminally-ill mother adjusts to a new woman becoming stepmother to her children. Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon star in this movie made for mums, stepmums, and daughters everywhere.

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The Blind Side

This uplifting film shows the lengths mums will go to for their children, by birth or otherwise. Try not to tear up as you watch bossy blonde Sandra Bullock put her foot down for the people she loves.

Freaky Friday

Mum will probably know the original version but the 2003 remake starring Jamie Leigh Curtis is our pick. You’ll both laugh and cringe at this body-swapping comedy (and perhaps avoid fortune cookies for a while).

Mrs Doubtfire

Robin Williams makes the perfect dad-turned-loveable-nanny in this flick. Laugh out loud with mum at this family favourite and discuss how ridiculous your dad would look in the same get up (and cooking dinner for once!).

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20th Century Fox

The Sound of Music

This nostalgic family film will have you singing along with mum. Also an ideal pick to watch with your mother-figure as the governess turned stepmom shows that motherly love isn’t just for birth mums.

Parent Trap

Lindsay Lohan stars in this feel-good movie that will have you deciding between living with your wedding dress designer mum in London or wine growing dad in the Napa Valley (it’s a hard pick but you should probably say “mum for sure!” on Mother’s Day).

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Mamma Mia

A lot of our mums are ABBA fans so this one is an easy pick! Follow a bride-to-be as she tracks down her real father unbeknownst to her mother. The catchy hit songs mum knows and loves and the backdrop of the Greek Islands make it a winner.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

This one makes the list for its great mum-quotes including “The man is the head, but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants”!

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Gold Circle

If all else fails, pick any family tear-jerker or a chick flick with a Hollywood heartthrob and we’re sure mum will be thrilled. Even more so if she also gets something from our Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

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