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Our Top 4 Reasons to Love Peonies

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Each November, our Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards fill with images of the pretty bloom, its seasonality and beautiful aesthetic giving it cult-like status. Due to a limited season, peonies are available for a short time only which makes them a covetable inclusion in any floral bouquet. Whether you're already devoted to peonies or need some more convincing, read through our top 4 reasons to love peonies.


Why do we love Peonies? 

Need we say it? They’re gorgeous! The appearance of a peony could be best described as an overblown rose, Marco Polo even described them as “roses as big as cabbages”.

Each individual flower appears as a work of art, with layers of petals forming tight round buds that then unfurl to reveal ruffled blooms.

This luxurious flower has a strongly feminine quality, their full-bodied shape making them perfect for indulgent bouquets and arrangements.

Peonies have been developed into many different varieties, all of which have their own beautiful and unique style.

They also come in almost every colour, although they are commonly found in soft or mid pink, or a creamy white. 

A peony flower can also grow to be 10 inches in size; no wonder they have been called the ‘Queen of Flowers’.

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Peonies Bloom for a Limited Season 

Peonies only bloom from late October until mid-December at best, their short season making them all the more special.

If you want to get your hands on some peonies, you don’t have time to wait, their popularity often making them even more difficult to acquire in such a limited time frame.

They are a very popular wedding flower (find out why below), but only if the bride has the foresight to plan the nuptials during peony season!

Peonies are Perfect Wedding Flowers 

Peony blooms are a common inclusion in weddings, either in the bouquets of the bride and her bridesmaids, hair accessories, or table centrepieces.

Their popularity is easy to understand, with their soft ruffled appearance and colours common in wedding schemes.

These flowers are also a great option for weddings as their size helps to fill out bouquets, giving them an extravagant appearance, often with a lower end cost by only requiring a few individual stems.

However, their meaning only adds to their beauty and size, with peonies often seen as a symbol of good fortune and a happy marriage.

No wonder they are a popular wedding choice!

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Peonies have a beautiful fragrance 

The scent of a peony will depend on its variety, colour, and even the time of day.

Their scent is often described as sweet and roselike, or sometimes as slightly citrus.

Peonies feature in a surprising number of beauty and hair products for their feminine scent.

There are also desired benefits to using the peony flower, including it being rich in anti-inflammatory chemicals, helping to reduce pigmentation and enhance the skin’s natural glow, whilst soothing irritation.

We’d love to know what you think of peonies, head to our Facebook and let us know what this stunning flower means to you!

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