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Top 7 Succulents

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What Are They?

There is very little consensus when it comes to succulents and discussing what exactly they are. Many different schools of thought exist but there are at least some points on which everyone can agree; succulents are normally thick and fleshy (an element which enables them to retain water in arid climates) and propagate with ease. They are possibly the most low-maintenance gal for your garden and require very little tending to, even water is a non-essential if they’re kept outdoors (they only need a drink every few weeks!).

Completely unique, some types of succulents, like Stone Plants, could easily blend in with rocks in your garden! The perfect plant for the forgetful gardener, these unique beauties come in many shapes, sizes and colours, so there’ll be no shortage of visual delights for your garden bed! Not only do they liven up a garden space, they're also great for brightening the office or home - take a look at our range of fishbowl succulents here.

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Succulent Care

They absolutely love sunlight, so a good 6 to 8 hours ought to do the trick! While they have no preference for a particular soil, they need good drainage or they can become overly hydrated.

Top 7 Succulents For Your Home
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1. Aloe Vera

This exotic beauty requires very little attention, next to no water and is the perfect cooling agent after having spent a little too long under the summer sun. Aloe is both beautiful and useful, an absolute staple for every Australian garden!

Jade plant.jpg
2. Jade Plant

The Jade Plant is also known as the Friendship Tree, the Lucky Plant or the Money Tree. This delicate succulent is native to South Africa and is easily distinguishable by its small pink or white flowers.  

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3. Hens and Chicks

These gardeners’ best friends grow close to the ground and form leaves around each other in rosettes. The name ‘hen’ refers to the main plant, and the ‘chicks’ are the offspring (or offshoots), which begin as tiny buds on the main plant and eventually sprout their own roots, residing alongside the mother plant.

snake plant.jpg
4. Snake Plant

This succulent is also known by other names, including mother-in-law's tongue and Saint George's sword and is native to tropical West Africa. Sleek and slender, it’s the perfect succulent for indoors or outdoors.

crown of thorns.jpg
5. Crown of Thorns

This little beauty is a climbing succulent with the ability to grow up to 1.8 m tall! It has long, slender and spiny stems, which enable it to easily climb over other plants.

donkey-s tail.jpg
6. Donkeys Tail

Also known as Burro’s Tail, this particular succulent, with its draping, crawling nature, suits hanging baskets beautifully.

pin cushion cactus.jpg
7. Pin Cushion Cactus

The Pin Cushion Cactus is of the genus Mammillaria, which is the largest of the cactus family. While cacti are often considered as a category of their own, they too are succulents. These plants are usually small with stems between 1 cm and 20 cm in diameter, and a height of between 1 cm and 40 cm.

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