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Tulip Growing: Force Tulips in Vases

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Tulips are effortlessly elegant and easily brighten homes with their vibrant array of colours. While tulips naturally grow in rich soils, there is a way to bring bulbs to bloom within the home, without even an inch of dirt! Tulip bulbs can be forced indoors in vases by following these simple steps and exercising just a little patience. Here’s how!   What You’ll Need: large, early-blooming bulbs, a tall vase and glass beads.


1. Ensure your tulip bulbs have received a proper amount of rest time in a cool, dark place, such as a fridge, for 15 to 17 weeks before attempting to force blooms.

2. Place glass beads in the bottle of a vase.

3. Fill the vase with water, ensuring it stays below the top level of the beads. It’s important that the bulbs not directly touch the water or they will rot.

4. Place the tulip bulbs in the vase with their pointy side facing upwards, leaving 3cms between each bulb.

5. Leave your bulb in a cool dark space for approximately 6 to 8 weeks, until it begins to bud. The bulb should begin to bloom in 12 to 16 weeks.

Tip: When storing tulip bulbs in the fridge, be sure to keep them far from fruit and vegetables. Many fruit and vegetables emit ethylene gas, which affects the growing performance of tulip bulbs.

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