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9 Ways to Celebrate Friendship Day

8 min read
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One of the sweetest days of the year is almost here! International Friendship Day is fast approaching and to celebrate we thought we would take a look at where it all started.

History of Friendship Day

International Friendship Day is celebrated on July 30 each year. The day was started by the greeting card industry in the 1930s by the founder of Hallmark Cards Joyce Hall.

However, this day quickly became more than just a commercial tactic. In 1998, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s wife, Nane Annan, announced Winnie the Pooh as the world Ambassador of Friendship at the United Nations.

International Friendship Day was officially proclaimed by the UN in 2011 as a day to celebrate friendships and help bridge the divide between race, culture and religion.

Today we use this day to cherish our friendships with loved ones, whether they are near or far, and no matter our differences.

Now that we know what Friendship Day is about, let’s look at how friendships are celebrated in some cultures around the world.

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Friendship Day Around the World

In Argentina, the day calls for a gathering of friends old and new and most bars and restaurants are booked out a week in advance.

On this day it is also popular for Argentines to send a text to all their friends. Mobile phone networks in Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Cordoba and Rosario have said the amount of SMS’s sent and received match that of Christmas and New Year’s Day.

In Paraguay, celebrations often take place in bars and clubs on the eve of Friendship Day where everyone gifts a present as a part of the ‘Invisible Friend’ tradition.

The game of ‘Invisible Friend’ works just like Kris Kringle where everyone writes their name on a piece of paper, each person picks a name at random from a hat and gifts a present to the person they picked on July 30.

In the US, old and new friendships are cherished by catching up with friends at restaurants and bars all over the country.

In South Asia, the day has been used in the past to honour friends who have originated from the US but is now more commonly used to cherish all friendships.

On our own shores we celebrate our treasured friends by reaching out, reminding them of how much we appreciate them, and celebrating them with thoughtful gifts.

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How to Celebrate Friendship Day This Year

International Friendship Day is a great way to celebrate your friendships by showing them how much you love and care for them.

It’s also the perfect way to brighten your friends’ day and reach out to the friends who you don’t get to see or talk to often.

Here are our top picks for how you can celebrate Friendship Day with your friends this year!

1. Girls Night Out

Looking for an excuse to get the girls together? There’s no better way to celebrate Friendship Day than a night out!

Whether it’s to visit that new restaurant you’ve all been meaning to try, watch a chick-flick like Mamma Mia 2 in Gold Class, test out your art skills at a wine and art class, or head into the city for a night of cocktails, the options are endless!

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2. Friendship Succulents

Just like the bonds you share with your friends, succulents are strong, long-lasting plants that survive the toughest of climates.

Why not gift your friends something that will stand the test of time, just like your friendship?

3. Plan a Picnic

Bring your friends together for a relaxing picnic in the park to celebrate this happy occasion.

Picnics are an easy and pet friendly way to get together with friends without hosting an event at home.

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4. Friendship Cake

Want to make your friend a gift that is just as sweet as them?

The Herman cake is a friendship tradition in Germany but we think it would make a great gift for the official International Friendship Day.

Made from yeast, sugar, flour and milk, the mix can be passed on to a friend in a jar with instructions on what to do next.

They then pass portions of the mix on to five more friends and with the remainder make a surprisingly tasty cake!

5. Host Dinner

Nothing shows your appreciation more than making food to share with friends.

Invite your group of friends over for a potluck dinner, where everyone brings a dish to share.

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6. Friendship Flowers

Roses are known to be the symbol of love, but yellow roses are the perfect gift for Friendship Day as they stand for friendship and joy.

Often pink roses are also used as a symbol of friendship, as they represent grace and happiness.

7. High Tea

High Tea hot spots are popping up everywhere lately, and what better time to try one out with your girlfriends than Friendship Day.

Get the girls together for an afternoon of champagne and bite-sized delicacies.

Make sure you snap some cute photos of the day to remember how much fun you had together. You could even frame copies and gift them to your friends as mementos.

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8. Friendship Bracelets

Making handmade friendship bands as a gift to friends has been a longstanding tradition on Friendship Day in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and parts of South America.

So why not make your friend a thoughtful gift and let them know how much you care.

If DIY isn’t for you, pick them up a charm to add to their existing jewellery, or a pair of earrings lovingly gift wrapped.

9. Pick Up the Phone 

With everyone’s busy schedules it can be hard to get everyone together to catch up, especially with those long-distance friends.

Brighten their day by picking up the phone for a long chat, or schedule in a FaceTime date so you can (almost) have coffee together.

How are you spending Friendship Day this year? Head to our Facebook page and let us know!

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