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What are the best indoor plants to keep in an office?

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Indoor plants are a valuable asset to any office environment. They help to purify the air, improve concentration and reduce stress. It is important to know what kind of plants are best suited for the office environment. Some plants are better than others, depending on the temperature, light and humidity levels at your workplace.

Our guide to indoor plants will help you identify some of the best plants to keep in an office space.

Best plants for your desk

Peace Lily Plant

The Peace Lily plant is an easy plant to grow indoors. The peace lily does not need much light, water or space to thrive which makes it perfect for office desk decoration. 

Due to their low maintenance, they can still thrive and liven up a desk even if you are in the shade. They are quite forgiving even when they are overwatered making them an ideal desk companion to give your desk some colour all year round. 

We stock peace lilies that come in blush-coloured pots. Better yet, they belong to our National Breast Cancer Foundation collection where a portion of the sales will be donated to the foundation. 

 Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Figs are desktop plants for those who don’t have strong green thumb skills. They are easy to maintain and with the right care and conditions, these plants can thrive in any environment - making it perfect for an office with a hybrid work model where plants can be neglected due to shifting office schedules. 

Over time they can grow upwards of over 1 metre where they will need to migrate to the office floor space.

We have perfect fiddle leaf figs that come in a pot that is perfect for your desk. As you grow in your role, so too does the plant. 

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Best plants for around the office space


The Monstera is a good choice for an office environment because it is low-maintenance, easy to care for and can thrive in low-light environments. It also has no known pests or diseases that pose any threat to the plant’s well-being.

As they can grow over 160cm, they make the perfect plant to fill office space with its hole-filled, green, and wide leaves. 

If you are looking for a Monstera to nurture in your office, look no further than our Perfect Monstera that comes ready in a 140mm pot. 

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Venus Hair Fern

The Venus Hair Fern is an easy to maintain Maidenhair fern that does not require much attention. It only needs to be watered once or twice a week and it doesn't need fertiliser, something your coworkers will appreciate.

Since it does well in direct sunlight, it can be used to decorate office windows by being placed on a window sill. 

With many plant options to liven up the office space, what will you use to brighten your workspace up? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram using the #Interflora hashtag. 

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