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Which Flowers To Give For Mother's Day?

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Flowers are one of the tried and true gifts to give Mum on Mother’s Day, but there’s a reason why some are more popular than others. Our quick guide will help you choose a flower that your Mum will love this year. 


Chrysanthemums are the most synonymous with Mother’s Day flowers. This is not just because the flower has the word “Mum” in it, but because they are readily available in May? Chrysanthemums also symbolise friendship and provide support to loved ones, making them an ideal flower to show how much your Mum means to you. Interflora has a range of flower arrangements featuring chrysanthemums. Explore our Mother’s Day range today.


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Carnations are another popular flower for Mother’s Day as the flower is regarded as a symbol of the eternal love that a mother has for her children. Carnations are a staple for flower bouquets for Mother’s Day thanks to their distinctive petals and bright colours. Pink carnations are a commonly chosen colour as they symbolise a mother’s love while light red carnations symbolise admiration. 

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Lillies are a favourite flower for any occasion thanks to their timeless beauty. The lily is a popular Mother’s Day flower as the flower symbolises fertility and motherhood in many cultures. Lilies have a distinctive regal and will add a sophisticated sense to any living space of your Mum's home. Send Mum a lily bouquet with Interflora this Mother’s Day. Order online today.

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Giving your Mum an orchid arrangement is not only a beautiful gift, but it will continue to bloom for weeks, giving your Mum a flower she can enjoy for longer than other flowers. The orchid’s ability to rebloom can symbolise a mother’s love that can withstand the test of time making it an appropriate gift for the occasion. You can order orchids online with Interflora to be delivered to your mother. Explore our collection of orchids today. 

Daisies and Gerberas

Gerbera daisies are perfect for any occasion, thanks to their bright colours which bring cheerful vibes. Gerberas come in a variety of colours, such as red, pink, yellow, white and orange. While they make a beautiful bouquet gift on their own, many Mother's Day floral arrangements will include gerberas to complement flowers such as chrysanthemums and carnations.

What flower gifts are you sending to your Mum this Mother’s Day? Share with us what you’re giving Mum by posting on Facebook or Instagram using the #InterfloraAU hashtag. 

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