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Why we hang christmas wreaths

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We've all got our favourite holiday traditions. One tradition that is still common and continued is that of hanging Christmas wreaths. Christmas wreaths create an organic aesthetic, perfect to set the mood for the holiday season. There is arguably nothing more welcoming than arriving at a front door to be greeted by a beautiful Christmas wreath. 


Here we’ll explain where the tradition comes from.

When did the tradition of Christmas wreaths start?

Christmas wreaths are packed with tradition and symbolism. Wreaths have been used as an embellished sign of Christmas for hundreds of years. Interestingly, the origin of the wreath story is pretty layered. The holiday wreath has its roots in several different religions and cultures, as with most cultural relics. Others, however, link the tradition of evergreen branches back to Christianity. The practice of displaying a wreath on your front door is now a universally recognised Christmas custom that brings warmth to our hearts.

What do Christmas wreaths symbolize?

Christmas wreaths have a spiritual meaning that represents an unending circle of life, with no beginning and no end. Its circular shape became a Christian symbol for Christ's suffering and ultimate triumph over death and therefore represents eternity. The evergreen symbolizes growth and eternal life. It is believed that the holly wreath, with its sharp, pointed leaves, represents the crown of thorns worn by Christ on the Cross and the tiny red berries represent the drops of blood. When a wreath is hung on the door, it is viewed as an invitation for Christ and the spirit of Christmas to enter into their home.

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Our Christmas Wreath Collection

Christmas wreaths are a great way to add some Christmas cheer and make for beautiful decorations year after year to adorn any part of your home, indoors or out. If not to adorn the walls and doors, you can hang them over mantels. You can also use them to delightfully create a festive table centrepiece with some candles or keep the wreath as an installation above the fireplace. Be ready to deck your doors with a great dose of holiday spirit and give your guests the prettiest welcome with our exclusive Christmas wreaths. Our curators have strived to design this year’s Christmas wreaths with a mix of tradition and holiday association.

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If you want to keep it traditional, rustic or try something a little more modern - we have the perfect wreaths for all taste and styles. Whether you’re looking for a subtle yet classic wreath featuring the traditional colours of red and green like Eternal Love, or something more contemporary to create a statement such as our Wildflower Wreath, our wreath selection offers something for everyone. A door adorned any of these wreaths are sure to communicate a sense of joy and a desire for togetherness. 

You can shop Christmas wreaths, real Christmas trees, food hampers and of course flowers from our Seasons Best Collection. We love seeing your photos! Share your Christmas wreath with us on Facebook or tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #AlwaysInterflora and #InterfloraAU. 

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