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5 Winning Halloween Costumes

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Don’t let Halloween creep on you this year - is the time for costumes, and fun. Dressing up is the best way to channel your Halloween spirit.

Although this year has brought a lot of events and moments to a halt, movies, memes, celebrities, trends, TV shows have captivated and supplied us with much-needed entertainment and ideas for winning Halloween costumes. Since we’re living in the Zoom age, nothing is impossible. You can still have the best costume from the comfort of your home and if you’re on trick-or-treat duty, remember every costume is best paired with a mask. Take a peek at the best Halloween costume ideas, guaranteed to win.

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Zoom Fail Costume

We couldn’t not include this one. If there’s one thing that most of us have become acquainted with in 2020, it’s Zoom calls and dressing for them – which really means wearing a formal attire on top and comfy bottoms, or PJs. So, why should Halloween be any different? Just throw on your go-to sweats and your neatest shirt, and you’ll be good to go.

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Morticia Addams

The OG spooky to kooky Morticia Addams is a gothic goddess and as classic a choice as it gets. Take a walk in the shoes of the most glamourous member of the Addams family, with long sleek black hair running down your waist and a vampy long-sleeved hourglass skin-tight black gown to replicate her signature look.

80’s Aerobics Instructor

It may be 2020, but you can definitely channel your inner '80s with one of the most iconic costumes: an aerobics instructor. There is no other image more resonant of the '80s exercise era than Jane Fonda rocking a skinny belt wrapped around a bright leotard in her renowned workout DVDs – it's such an easy one to pull off! All you need is a fun one-piece, bright funky leggings, a skinny belt, leg warmers, and a headband if you wish. Try and keep the color scheme neon or bright.

Rosie the Riveter

Go way back to 1943 and tap into this cultural icon on Halloween, while you roll up your sleeves, flex your muscles and perfect your best "we can do it" pose. Rosie the Riveter is one of the easiest costumes to pull off. All you’ll need to grab your best denim or Chambray shirt (with sleeves rolled up), a pair of denim or black pants, and work boots. Tie your hair into a messy bun updo and wear a red polka dot bandanna with a small knot on top. For a finishing touch, wing your eyeliner and smack a bright red lipstick on.

day of dead dress up.png

Day of the Dead Look

Let’s not confuse Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead – celebrating the lives of deceased loved ones) for Halloween. Get handsy and create your very own version of a Mexican Sugar Skull or ‘La Catrina’ look, a common form of Day of the Dead makeup. Go all out with your choice of colors to create a vibrant carnival-esque vibe. Start with outlining a skeletal figure on your face with some white costume makeup, use dark eye shadows around the eye area, enhance the skeleton nose, and marks around the mouth. You can also add blood, a spider web, stuff of that nature around the face or neck area. Don’t forget to up with a floral headpiece or crown. For more authenticity, incorporate large roses or even marigolds as they’re known as the ‘Flower of the Dead’.


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