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Winter flowers to plant for a beautiful garden this year

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As we move closer to winter, it’s time to think about the type of flowers you would love blooming in your garden. If you’re looking to grow more in your garden this winter, we have selected some flowers to consider so that your garden thrives.


Primroses is a flower that lasts one season from winter to spring and are especially lovely in winter. These soft, lacy flowers can come in a range of colours including white and pink. Choose between these two options when coordinating the colour scheme of your garden. When preparing your primroses, plant them in pots to liven up bare spaces in winter. Plastic pots are the preferred choice for primroses as they retain water.


Snapdragons are a delightful inclusion for any garden thanks to their unique textures and bright colours. They grow relatively slowly when planted from seeds, so it’s best to purchase nursery seedlings.

Snapdragons do best in rich, well-draining soil in a sunny location; however, they will tolerate growing in areas with part shade. Snapdragons need regular watering, especially in times of no rainfall. In the first year of growing your snapdragons, they should form seed pods and if you’re lucky, they may even self-sow in the garden. They’re also edible!


Lavender flowers prolifically in winter and require minimal watering, which is ideal for water-wise gardeners. Lavenders grow well in exposed, sunny, open positions. Conduct two good prunings a year, after flowering. You can source lavender from most nurseries as it is a popular choice for gardens, making it easily available.

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