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The Wisteria Tunnel in Japan is about to bloom…

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…and it will make you book a ticket to Japan immediately!

If you’re looking for your next holiday destination we may have just found it for you!

Not just home to the freshest sushi imaginable, robot shows, and karaoke on every corner, Japan is also the proud owner of this stunning tunnel of wisteria!

The tunnel is located inside Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu, Japan (5 hours from Tokyo) and draws crowds from all over the world. The garden features 150 wisteria plants from 20 different species but the tunnel itself is the crown jewel.
The flowers haven’t bloomed this year yet so you still have time to pack a bag and board a plane! Late April and mid-May are said to be the best times to catch a glimpse of the tunnel at its best. If you happen to arrive before April 27-29, you can even attend the annual Wisteria Festival.
Imagery of wisteria, or fuji in Japanese, is often used in a wide variety of Japanese art forms including pottery and painting. It holds great cultural significance dating back to the Nara Period, with it being featured in Buddhist beliefs and historical legends. Wisteria viewing parties are popular and a Kabuki dance called “Fuji Musume” translates to Wisteria Maiden.

Have you ever seen anything as magical as this flowering tunnel?


It’s not the only floral destination to tick off. Here are a few others…


Tulip Fields, Keukenhof Park, Netherlands

Only open for two short months of the year, Keukenhof Park welcomes 800,000 tourists each year desperate to witness the majestic fields of blooming tulips.


Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve, California

The bloom time of these poppies, the California state’s official flower, changes every year. It usually happens early April but can even occur between mid-March and early May.


Monet’s Garden, Giverny, France

Claude Monet lived and painted in Giverny from 1883 until his death in 1926. His multi-coloured home and beautiful gardens are the second most visited tourist site in Normandy.


Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai

Launched on Valentine’s Day 2013, the Dubai Miracle Garden spreads over 72,000 square metres and features over 109 million flowers.


Ashikaga Flower Park, Japan

The most famous attraction in the city of Ashikaga, this flower park spreads over 9 hectares features numerous floral attractions and hundreds of different species.


Lavender Fields, Provence, France

These famed lavender fields bloom in summer so be sure to book your trip accordingly. The fragrant rows of purple blooms are a drawcard for crowds of tourists wanting to enjoy the calming scent and Instagram worthy backdrop.

Have you ventured to any of these stunning floral destinations? Better yet, do you have any others on your must-see list to add to ours? Let us know where you’re dreaming of heading to next!

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