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Everlasting Tribute Wreath

Pincushion and Leucadendron Funeral Wreath

This exquisite funeral wreath is a heartfelt expression of remembrance and honor. It features an abundance of flowers and foliage, including pincushions, red leucadendron, and red hypericum, which create a striking and vibrant display. The pincushion flowers add a unique texture and shape, while the leucadendron and hypericum provide rich red tones, symbolising love and respect. Complementing the floral elements, the wreath also includes strawflower, gum, and wax, adding depth and texture to the arrangement. The wreath is skilfully arranged on a sturdy base, ensuring a beautiful and enduring tribute. This funeral wreath is a fitting way to convey condolences and sympathy, offering comfort and support during a time of loss. The combination of pincushion flowers, leucadendron, hypericum, strawflower, gum, and wax creates a stunning and meaningful display, serving as a lasting tribute to the memory of a loved one.

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