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Pink Roses

They are great for every occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries to Mother’s Day, a bouquet of pink roses is never out of place.

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Often given as a symbol of appreciation or admiration to a best friend, work colleague, neighbour, or even fiancée, you can guarantee that pink roses will brighten up that special someone's day. The pink rose was the first rose ever cultivated as they grew naturally and were the most common rose growing in the wild. It found a place in the heart of Victorians as they displayed the pink rose everywhere from greeting cards to wallpaper, almost obsessively.
As cultivation has improved so have the many shades of pink now available with darker pink associated with appreciation and gratitude and lighter pinks associated with admiration and gentleness. However, pink roses are also very suitable as a romantic gift, for events such as Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. Order a box of pink roses, or an arrangement of pink and red roses. Ordering pink roses online from Interflora means your flowers are prepared by professional florists that care. There are Interflora florist almost everywhere in Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, ensuring fast and fresh delivery.
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