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10 of the Most Expensive Luxury Items in the World

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Have you heard the news? We’ve launched our newest collection and it is all about luxury.

The Luxe Collection is full of indulgent floral arrangements, crafted with delicate orchids and lush foliage, and perfectly handcrafted by expert florists.

The launch of this collection has us dreaming of decadence in all areas of our lives, so we rounded up 10 of the most expensive luxury items in the world.

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Ready to spend? 

1. PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition Television

Covered in hand sewn alligator skin and studded with a huge amount of diamonds, this television screen is designed for viewing pleasure, even when it is off.

It will set you back roughly US$2.3 million.

2. Haute Joaillerie watch from Chopard

Tell time in style with a US$25 million watch decorated with an eyeful of diamonds.

We’re not sure how easy it is to actually tell time on though, good luck.


3. Charles Hollander Chess Set

If you really love chess you might want to invest in a US$600,000 set.

It has 320 carats of black and white diamonds and there are only 7 sets in the world.

Image from Design Limited Edition

5. Heintzman Crystal Piano

For US$3.22million you can adorn your home with a 9 foot translucent piano.

It’s almost too expensive to want to play!

Image from Stuffpoint


4. Heidseick Monopole 1907 Champagne

Recovered in the late 90s by an underwater search party, this French champagne was lost in a shipwreck a century earlier.

There were 2,000 bottles aboard now sold for US$25,000 each.

Image from Extravanganzi

6. History Supreme Yacht

Sail the high seas on 100,000kg of gold at the cost of US$4.8billion.

This yacht probably also has luxury champagne on board so let’s hope it doesn’t sink under all that gold weight.


7. Nesmuk Diamond Studded Chef Knife

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen it pays to have pretty kitchen tools, like this US$40,000 hand-crafted knife designed by Quintin Nel.

The handle is studded with diamonds so you can feel extra glam while you cut the carrots.

Image from Pinterest

8. Crystal Ergoripado Vacuum

The house cleaning might feel a little more glam than boring with a US$18,993 vacuum cleaner.

 Encrusted with 3,000 Swarovski crystals, let’s hope it also makes your floor sparkle.

 9. Jackson Pollock Number 5, 1948

Build your art collection with this US$140 million painting. We’re sure you could find a good spot for it!

Image from mentalfloss


10. Monopoly Set

At US$8,000, you wouldn’t want anyone in the family to knock this Monopoly board over when they lose a game.

Crafted from leather, gold, and silver, and the playing pieces are made from pewter.

Image from

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