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15 Ways to Add a Little Luxury to Your Day | Interflora

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We believe in living luxuriously, enjoying the small moments and rituals that bring decadence to our lives and fill us with joy.

Our new Luxe Collection has been designed to bring beautiful extravagance into your space, combining the most stunning of delicate blooms and lush foliage.

Loved ones won’t be able to resist the stunning arrangements in this collection, perfect for any special occasion.

For inspiration, read our 15 suggestions to make your life more luxurious…

1. Add a decadent beauty product to your routine

Splurging on a deliciously scented moisturiser or rich hair treatment will instantly up the luxury of your life.

If you can’t justify yet another product, make an at-home treatment or slick on lipstick in a decadent shade.

See our recommendations for the best floral beauty buys here

2. Burn a mouth-watering candle

Stop saving your favourite scents for when you have visitors and enjoy them for yourself.

Go ahead and light your verbena and fig or cedar leaf and citrus on any regular day and notice how much more luxurious your home feels.

3. Send yourself flowers

Don’t wait for luxury to come to you, order it for yourself! A beautiful arrangement of extravagant blooms will instantly lift your luxe level.

Take a look at our Luxe Collection for the ultimate in stunning floral pieces.


4. Get something monogrammed

Whether it’s your phone case, clutch, diary, or keychain, adding your embossed initials will make you feel like the glamour you are!

5. Soak in bubbles

Fill the tub with warm water, scented bubbles and rose petals and enjoy the heavenly relaxation.

We recommend also pouring a glass of lavish bubbles to sip on while you’re in there!

6. Get silky

Swap your cotton pillowcases for delicate silk and you’ll not only do wonders for your hair and skin but you’ll also wake up feeling like you slept at a day spa.

7. Treat yourself to a fancier glass of wine

We certainly favour selecting the cheapest glass of wine off the menu with dinner but trust us, you’ll be able to taste the extra few dollars so why not treat yourself and sample something new.

image (1).jpg

8. Change up your morning drink order

Ordering your skinny cap with one sugar so frequently your barista no longer needs to ask?

Swap your grab and go caffeine fix for an opulently flavoured filter drip and savour the scents of orange blossom and caramel.

9. Take care of your fingers and toes

Relish in the absolute bliss of receiving a decadent manicure and pedicure topped off with polish in a shade of burgundy or classic nude.

Don’t feel you have to splash cash though; doing this at home is just as luxurious.

10. Embrace herbal teas

Forget plain old English breakfast and delight in flavours of lemon myrtle, rosehip, or lavender. Your afternoon pick-me-up will feel much more extravagant.

Read our suggestions of floral teas to try. 

image (2).jpg

11. Wear your prettiest outfit

 Don’t let it sit in the wardrobe waiting for your next big event!

You deserve to feel fabulous every day and slinking in to your favourite jacket or selecting your most special handbag is a quick and easy way to do so.

12. Spend on heavenly hand soaps

Spoil your hands with a scented soap for a luxe feeling every time you wash.

Follow it up with your favourite hand cream for a sumptuous treat.

13. Savour a sweet treat

Let yourself have a slice of rich chocolate cake for dessert after dinner or a buttery croissant with your morning coffee.

Not willing to sabotage your diet? Treat yourself to a square of velvety dark chocolate instead.

image (3).jpg

14. Spritz your favourite fragrance

Skip your cheaper everyday scent and go straight for your special occasion perfume, the glam factor will have you receiving compliments from everyone you pass.

See our favourite floral fragrances here.

15. Opt for cloth napkins

You’ll be amazed how luxurious cloth will feel over the paper version, even if it means you have to wash them.

For extra luxury, opt for a crushed linen version.

Add a little luxe to your whole home with our 20 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Beautiful.

For even more luxury, read 10 of the World's Most Luxurious Experiences and 10 of the Most Expensive Luxury Items in the World

Take a look at the beautiful arrangements in our Luxe Collection here.

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