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5 types of apology flowers

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You’re here because you need to apologise, and you need an extra something to help show you’re sorry to a person you care about. Just saying the words ‘I’m sorry’ isn’t always enough, but saying sorry with flowers can make a huge difference and can help you win your way back into their hearts. 


Apologising with the help of a cheerful bouquet doesn’t just express how sorry you are but also shows how much you care and want to make amends. Whether you’ve forgotten to wish a friend “Happy Birthday” or made a petty mistake unknowingly, no mistake is too big or small that a heartfelt apology won’t fix. 

If you’ve decided to say sorry with flowers, make sure you’re saying it the right way with the flowers you choose to deliver. 


If you’ve forgotten your anniversary with your partner, it is a big deal! Unfortunately, just saying sorry isn’t going to do justice. Lilies are exquisite, fragile and delicate blooms that need care and attention, just like a relationship. They represent rejuvenation and devotion and there’s no better way to get back into the good books than with the help of a floral arrangement from our Lilies collection of bright and beautiful floral gifts. 

So when words fail, choose any of our graceful lily bouquets to express an apology sweetly and with love, emotion and consider forgiveness well on the way! 

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Had a hurtful fight with your sibling or friend? Roses as we know are a very symbolic yet versatile way of showing love and affection, as different roses have different meanings. Saying sorry with roses really add oomph to your apology and only makes the recipient realise how sincere and apologetic you are for the misunderstanding and miscommunication. Pink roses are very fitting for an apology to show you want to let the water go under the bridge and move forward. For friends, yellow or orange roses are a great choice as they symbolise friendship and innocence. Win their heart back into the friendship with a bright box of Capricorn or an extraordinary seasonal arrangement like Joyful Spring they’ll be in absolute awe of.


Tulips are said to be just the right flower to start over fresh, white or cream-coloured tulips in particular. Tulips come in all shades and hues of the rainbow, they are considered happy flowers that can easily make someone feel elated and forgiving. They are often associated with forgiveness, purity and new beginnings, making it the perfect choice to extend your apologies to them. So next time you’ve stood a date up, said something hurtful or are trying to make up for a bad fight, send them a bouquet of tulips. Whatever the scenario, sending tulips for forgiveness is always appreciated. 

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Delivering orchids are a great idea, giving all the right feelings and showing them just how sorry you are when you can’t express a genuine apology with words alone. The gesture in itself does half the work, honestly, say less and mean more. Orchids are very charming and exotic blooms that are often seen as a trusted way to express meaningful emotions such as strength, sincerity, virility and rarity just like the relationship you share with those you hold near and dear. They undoubtedly hold the ability to help communicate complex feelings in the simplest form. Surprise them with a delivery of beautiful fresh tulips and you’re one step closer to forgiveness. 


Flowers are something everyone loves and when accompanied with an apology, it makes it more heartfelt. If you’ve got to make amends for cancelling plans with a friend, missed a significant date, forgot to send mum a token of love on her birthday, carnations are just the flower you need to have as a part of your sorry gesture. In the language of flowers, carnations typically mean that you'll never forget the recipient again. Pink or white varieties of carnations are perfect to use as an apology, especially with a stylish arrangement such as Bold and Beautiful or a classic peacemaker Delicate. Hopefully sending a bouquet on such an occasion will serve as a reminder you never to forget to send them flowers on the days that matter most.

Whatever wrong you’re trying to right; our range of flowers are a great first step toward forgiveness while letting them know you care about making amends. Pair any of the bouquets from our I’m Sorry Flowers & Gifts collection with decadent chocolate, a nice drop of wine or even a cute Miffy. Show us your apologetic deliveries on Facebook or on Instagram using the hashtag #AlwaysInterflora and #InterfloraAU.

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