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Baby’s Breath: Now Trending

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It’s often thought of as a filler piece but baby’s breath (or gypsophila) is making a trendy comeback.

In the early 1990s it was frequently (over)used in every wedding bouquet, newborn floral arrangement, or Mother’s Day gift, and it quickly became viewed by many as less inspiring than its floral friends like daisies or chrysanthemums.

Pop culture references probably didn’t help the status of the innocent flower, with Kim from much-loved television series Kath & Kim proclaiming that her wedding was off because of a “state-wide shortage of baby’s breath”.

 In case you missed that particular episode, problem solver Kath only had one word to say to her; “gypsophila”.

After some time away from the spotlight, the delicate white blooms have experienced a resurgence and can now be found on most Pinterest boards dedicated to weddings, flower crowns, and DIY table settings.

Ready to give baby’s breath another chance? Here are the details…

Family: Caryophyllaceae (or carnation family)

Native to: Eurasia, Africa, Australia, and the Pacific Islands

Appearance: The flowers on the ornamental species of gypsophila are formed by a cup-like calyx of white-edged green sepals containing five petals in shades of white, pink, or even yellow. Odds are, you’ll know it when you see it!

Common Meanings: Everlasting and undying love including romantic, platonic, and family bonds, pureness, innocence.

Uses: We’ve found some of the prettiest uses of baby’s breath from trusty Pinterest. Source your inspiration below!


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The meanings of these dainty white flowers make them perfect for weddings, shown above in cute table settings, adornment on welcome signs, and even hanging from the roof in unique glass holders.

Baby’s breath is also making a name for itself in wedding bouquets, adding to the lengths of aisles, and sprucing chairs at both ceremony and reception.

The simplicity of baby’s breath also makes it an ideal addition to any home colour scheme or monochrome work space.
The tiny size of the trending flower only reaffirms their status as perfect hair additions, woven through braids or weaved into a flower crown (fit for festival goer and flower girl alike).

Wedding planners, lifestyle bloggers, and hairdressers are coveting this versatile bloom currently and we can’t blame them!

We’d love to know that you think – will you be bringing baby’s breath into your home/office/wedding/hairstyle anytime soon? Or will you be keeping an eye on its changing status?

For more floral inspiration find us on Pinterest!

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