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At-Home Valentine’s Day Ideas For a Cosy Celebration

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While 2021 Valentine’s Day may look and feel a little different for some, don’t let your night roll by like any other regular night at home. Staying in on Valentine’s Day has its advantages - after all, home is where the heart is. We’re skipping the cliché ideas and giving you some different ways to enjoy a memorable Valentine's Day in the comfort of your own home.

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Set the mood

Try to recreate a romantic ambience around the house and work your magic to cosy things up. Think scented candles, and of course, the classic roses. Pick a corner, cue some romantic music, and set the mood. Make it even more intimate by curating a special playlist with all the songs you both love. You can also incorporate personal touches that capture the magic of your relationship by displaying Polaroid photos from your most special moments. And of course, don’t forget to dress to impress! There are a lot of different ways you can infuse warmth and romance into your home—you just have to let your creativity and thoughtfulness flow.

Indulge in Breakfast in Bed


Who wouldn’t love a date that doesn’t require getting out of bed? Kickstart the day with a breakfast full of heart-shaped carbs for your Valentine to take Valentine’s Day to the next level. Try to make the most of their brekkie favourites like raspberry streusel muffins or stuffed cheesy omelettes. Then whip up freshly squeezed juice or a steaming cup of coffee to make the morning feel extra cosy. For a romantic touch, sprinkle rose petals or a handwritten love note on the tray. It may look simple or not as extravagant, but the effort you put into creating an intimate breakfast experience speaks volumes about your love and thoughtfulness.

Sneak in a Floral Surprise

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Don’t forget to get your partner a classic gift of flowers! They are a timeless go-to Valentine’s Day gift for a reason. From the bold red roses that are bursting with love and romance to the delicate carnations that exude gratitude and affection, there’s always a flower that can convey your sweetest sentiments. If your loved one has a favourite flower, consider including them in the bouquet to show you pay attention to the little details. Having a surprise up your sleeve will definitely add that final touch to your list of Valentine’s Day ideas at home.

Quiz Yourselves on Each Other

While cooking a romantic dinner or ordering your favourite meal is synonymous with celebrating the occasion at home, you can perk up your Valentine's Day dinner conversation by quizzing each other on fun and meaningful questions. Play card games with conversation-starter prompts or create a customised trivia game focused on your shared history. Treat it as a lovely opportunity to rediscover your partner’s unique quirks, teenage stories, and cherished memories. It’s always fun and surprising to learn new things about each other. Talk about keeping the sparks alive!

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Map Out a Dreamy Vacation Together

Just because you're spending this Valentine’s Day at home doesn't mean you can't dream of a faraway vacation. With love in the air, plan to fly to your dream destination with your significant other. Spend the night planning and fantasising about a rejuvenating vacation with your partner. Shortlist places to visit, research popular must-see landmarks, jot down an itinerary, and start daydreaming by each other's side. You may not be able to go to your dream destination now, but you can still ignite the spark of wanderlust and anticipation for future adventures. 

Create a DIY Spa Day

Bring your partner for some R&R by creating an indulgent spa day in the comfort of your home. Set the stage for complete relaxation by transforming your home into a tranquil spa retreat. Dim the lights, play some soothing music to create a serene ambience, and light some scented candles like lavender or chamomile. Then, gather your favourite spa essentials and take turns indulging in your self-care rituals. You can sneak in a little pampering gift with a Self-Care Gift Box For Him or a Self-Care Hamper for the cherry on top. If you two have been working from home, these at-home Valentine’s Day ideas are a great way to remind yourself and your loved one that your home is not just a workspace but also a sanctuary where you both can find relaxation.

Bring in the Theatre Vibe to Your Home

If you two are used to binge-watching movies or TV shows together, why not take it up a notch and create your own at-home film festival for Valentine’s Day? Dim the lights, opt for the fairy lights, and create a makeshift fort with the cosiest blankets and pillows. Then, pick up your favourite snacks and drinks and prepare for a romantic movie night. From the classic rom-coms to the heartfelt dramas, select a lineup of films that resonate with your shared interests and emotions. With the right ambience and a curated selection of films, you can turn a simple movie marathon into a romantic at-home theatre date experience.

Throw a Party for Two

Sure it's fun to dance at parties, but there’s something uniquely special about having a party without the crowd—just the two of you together on the dance floor. Pick a theme that both of you would enjoy, whether retro ‘80s night, a tropical indoor beach party, or a sophisticated masquerade. Transform your space with decorations and curate a special playlist that reflects your chosen theme. For the final touch, spoil them with gourmet hampers filled with delectable snacks and drinks for both of you to enjoy throughout the evening. Lastly, turn up the music and bust out your best moves together!

Go Camping Indoors

Remember when you used to make makeshift forts and camp indoors as a kid? Recreate that sense of adventure and nostalgia with your partner by planning an indoor camping experience. Clear a spot in your home and make room for your camping gear. If you’re not able to set up a camp on your porch or lawn, you can use lights and glow-in-the-dark stars to help create an outdoor feel. Then, whip up your favourite snacks and thermos meals and steam up some hot chocolate and s’mores. For an extra layer of immersion to your indoor camping experience, try putting a twist on your Valentine’s Day home ideas and set up a “no phones” rule. This way, you can engage in heartfelt conversations, tell ghost stories, play board games, and talk about your future without the distractions of buzzing notifications and constant screen time.

Host a Virtual Home Concert

Live-streamed concerts and pre-recorded performances have been a popular way to enjoy live music from the comfort of your home. If listening to music is your love language and both of you share a similar taste in songs and artists, watching a concert together can be a fantastic way to bond and enjoy shared interests. Turn your living room into a Coachella concert or a private music festival by creating an open space for dancing and lounging. Consider adding some decorations like string lights or banners to enhance the ambience and capture the festival vibe. Then, let loose and sing and dance like nobody’s watching! Indulge in the beauty of being surrounded by no one else but your partner—sing along to your favourite songs at the top of your lungs and just lose yourself in the magic of the music. 

Create Valentine’s Day Magic at Home

While it’s tempting to just book a restaurant reservation or give your partner a box of chocolate, creating your own romantic oasis at home this Valentine’s Day can be a more unique and intimate experience. Skip the crowd and enjoy quality time with only the two of you with these creative and heartfelt Valentine’s Day ideas at home, and you can make the occasion truly special and memorable.

Remember, the most important thing is to focus on each other and cherish the time you spend together. By opting for a Valentine’s Day celebration at home, you can personalise the experience to suit your unique relationship and shared interests.

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