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There Are So Many New Ways To Decorate Your Christmas Tree. Even Christmas Trees Now Come In A Wider Variety Than The Typical Green Or White Tree. Why Not Spruce Up Your Tree This Year With Flowers?

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There are so many new ways to decorate your Christmas tree. Even Christmas trees now come in a wider variety than the typical green or white tree. Why not spruce up your tree this year with flowers? 

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Create your own DIY Christmas tree decorations

There's a special charm about DIY Christmas decorations that bought decorations just can’t convey. We’ve developed some Christmas craft ideas and projects that are easy for anyone and can be hours of fun for the family. From easy-to-make Christmas ornaments to tree inserts, there's something here for every skill level. 


Dried Flower Baubles 

Mix the traditional bauble look with a modern twist. This can be as simple as drying flowers that you want on your Christmas tree and placing them in blank see-through baubles that you can purchase anywhere. 

Your flowers can be air-dried and then cut into a shape of your choice. Paint or other dried foliage can be placed with the flowers inside the bauble to spice up the design. 

We recommend using flowers such as the wildflowers found in our ‘Salamanca' arrangement due to the different textures and shapes that will make the bauble more visually intriguing. It has a softer colour palette to suit different coloured trees. 

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Hanging Christmas tree ornament

If you have too many baubles on your tree, you can turn your flowers into a hanging ornament. Simply grab fresh or dried flowers and cut the stems down, so they are only a few centimetres long and tie them together with a ribbon. The string should then be tied on top of the ribbon to create the loop to hand on the tree. 

To give the ornaments a more interesting look, you can slice oranges and dry them then pin the bunch of flowers in the middle of the orange. The string can be threaded through the top of the orange for hanging purposes. This will add a secondary colour and shape to the ornament making it stand out and separating the flowers from the branches. 

For hanging ornaments, there are a few types of flowers that would help make the ornament stand apart from the other decorations. Flowers such as carnations, holly, hydrangeas, and poinsettias. This is because of the tight petal formations with the vibrant colours allowing for great bunching. 

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Christmas tree filler

You can utilise florals to fill in the gaps in the foliage of your Christmas tree. This is something that works perfectly for white or darker trees that have many branches and foliage. All it requires is the flower on a single stem to be inserted into the tree. On a white tree, pastel colours will bring warmer tones onto your tree while vibrant colours are more suited to darker trees to bring strong focus to your centrepiece. 

We recommend a mixture of wildflowers and pastel blooms as the various shapes and textures will create variety especially if it is being used instead of tinsel. It will create separation and interest as there will be less repetition in shape and colour by using a set variety of flowers. 

Show us how you have used flowers on your Christmas tree by sharing them with us on Facebook or Instagram using the #InterfloraAU hashtag.

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