Unlike other Floral organisations, Interflora Australia has a network of 700 actual, independent, local Florists around Australia.  Our Florists create, hand make and deliver your floral (and hamper) gifts themselves to your friends, family, colleagues and loved ones.  Global supply remains a pinch point for Interflora's sundry items such as vases, baskets, etc. and we are allowing our Florists to substitute your sundries and flowers as needed.  If our customers have any concerns at all, we invite you to call our Australian Customer Support Centre on 1800 808 500.                          #AlwaysInterflora
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The formal name for Carnation, “Dianthus”, comes from the Greek term for “heavenly flower”.

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In some countries, white carnations are associated with Mothers Day and are said to represent the purity of mothers love. Carnations generally express love, fascination and distinction. Light red carnations also represent admiration, the dark Carnations are the national flower of Spain, Monaco, and Slovenia, and are the birth flower of people born in January. In Korea, carnations express admiration, love and gratitude and red and pink carnations are worn on Parents Day on 8th May. Interflora's extensive range of Carnations can be sent with gifts making Mothers Day, Valentines Day or Parents Day a special event.
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