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Get Well with Flowers

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When someone close to you is injured or unwell, any gesture will mean the world to them, and can even aid in their recovery.

The gift of flowers is the most common way to send get well wishes and for good reason; it is proven that flowers have some fascinating healing properties.

Recovery times are proven to speed up with the presence of flowers around someone who is recovering from an illness or injury.

Plus the healing powers of some blooms are so beneficial that they have been used in herbal medicines and treatments throughout human history, and are still widely used today.

Get well with flowers…

Use of Flowers in Herbal Medicines

For centuries flowers have been used for natural medicinal purposes and in essential oils due to their ability to heal us and protect us from disease.

Different flowers are used for their unique healing powers. Discover just some of these beautiful blooms, but please speak to a herbal medicine practitioner before incorporating them into your own lifestyle!



The petals of the carnation flower can be brewed into a tea to help reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and fatigue.

 Carnations can also be used to help reduce swelling, beneficial for those experiencing inflammation.

The nervous system can also be soothed by this floral tea, and hormonal imbalance restoration can be aided.


The petals of the chrysanthemum flower can be brewed into a tea which helps bring marked relief for symptoms of the common cold, fever and headache.

The brew can then be cooled and used topically to sooth tired eyes (we love double duty blooms!).

Like many other teas, chrysanthemums can cause side effects so chat to your doctor first.

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All parts of the dandelion plant can be eaten when prepared properly, usually using the root and leaves as they contain a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Dandelion has lots of uses in natural medicine including acting as a general detox for the body, cleansing of the liver, creating a laxative effect, and treating anaemia.

Not to mention its beautiful taste when made into tea!


In Chinese medicine, gardenia flowers are commonly used for the treatment of blood disorders, bladder issues and infections.

Gardenias can also aid treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, insomnia and stress.

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The lilac flower is used to brew a tonic that reduces fever and can rid the body of internal parasites with its antibacterial properties.

For the same reason this flower is often used topically in essential oil form to treat skin issues such as rashes, sunburn, and minor cuts and scrapes.


The use of peonies dates back to ancient civilisation. It is often used as a muscle relaxant, treating symptoms of muscle pain as well as cramps and pain from menstruation.

The gorgeous bloom can also be used to ease symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome.

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Did you know this romantic bloom is actually safe for human consumption? The petals can be eaten to increase circulation of the blood and relieve depression.

Roses are also high in vitamin C, can be used as a diuretic, and even ease headaches and induce sleep.

We recommend you see a herbalist though before you chomp down on your latest delivery of roses!

Best Get Well Flowers to Send


Gerberas are a bright, cheery and upbeat flower that look beautiful in a colourful arrangement.

The happy flower symbolises cheerfulness and makes the perfect get well flower to gift your loved one. It will definitely lift their spirits!

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Chrysanthemums are a popular get well flower that look gorgeous either on their own in an arrangement or as a feature in a mixed bouquet.

Chrysanthemums are not only used for their striking looks, but also for their meaning. The flower symbolises sympathy, longevity and love which are all suitable messages for someone in recovery.


Carnations are a bright and colourful long-lasting flower that are often used in get well arrangements.

Like chrysanthemums, carnations are used for their strong meanings to support someone recovering from illness.

The bloom signifies love, affection, good luck and well wishes.


Yellow roses are vibrant and cheerful blooms that are excellent for cheering someone up and improving their well-being, as they symbolise joy and delight.

Yellow roses and bright lilies are a perfect feature in a floral arrangement.

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