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Guide To Propagate Succulents

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Propagation means taking an element of one of your mature succulents and using it to grow a brand new plant. This is a simple, cost-effective way to add to your succulent collection. Two common methods of propagating are taking leaf cuttings or stem cuttings from your mature succulent and planting them in soil. The right method will depend on the type of succulent you have so it’s important to do your research first.

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Propagating from stem cuttings

The method most appropriate for propagating succulents like Aeoniums is to take cuttings from their stem. When cutting your offcuts, make sure they are long enough to stand in the ground when re-planted.

The steps to propagating the stem offcuts are: 

  1. Start by making your offcuts, leaving at least 15 - 20 centimetres of stem on your mature plant.
  2. Put your cuttings to the side and remove your main plant. 
  3. Dig a trench about 20 cm deep for your cuttings. Place enough soil around it so they can stand up. It’s important to note that the climate affects when you plant your offcuts. In summer, you can plant immediately, making sure to not water them for a week so their bases can dry off. In the cooler months, leave them out of the ground for a week before planting.
  4. In a month, the cuttings will take root and your new succulents will begin to grow.

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Propagating Leaves

Succulents such as the Pachyveria can be propagated by using the leaf cutting method. A simple method to determine whether you can grow new blooms from your plant’s leaf cuttings is by removing a lower leaf. If it comes off cleanly, you will have a good chance of being successful. 

 The steps to propagating the leaves are: 

  1. Prepare a tray with succulent soil mix.
  2. Carefully remove the leaves, starting at the base and working around. Leave a few leaves on your mature plant’s rosette, as you can plant this as a cutting as well.
  3. Arrange leaf cuttings on top of the soil, ensuring there is plenty of air flowing around them. Make sure the bud where the leaf joined to the stem is left above the soil.


You will start to see your cuttings begin to form a tiny rosette cluster within 2-3 weeks. Keep your rosette close to the soil so that the emerging roots can enter the soil.

When the buds are large enough, they can be removed and replanted in a pot or directly into the ground.

By following these steps, you can feel confident you’ll have a healthy batch of new succulents. Share with us how your new succulents are growing by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram. Use the hashtags #InterfloraAU and #AlwaysInterflora. If you are looking to broaden the range of succulents you have in your succulent collection, check out our succulent range today.

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