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Succulent Plants

There are no succulents products available for delivery at the moment.


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Succulents are completely unique! Rosette, Crassula, Aeonium - these distinctive beauties come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. Not only are they an attractive and low-maintenance addition to the garden bed, but they are also an effective way to brighten the workspace or home. What makes these beautiful plants so unique is how resilient they are! They easily retain water in their leaves and stems making them perfectly suited to arid climates. Requiring a healthy dose of sunshine and very little watering, succulents are one of the most low-maintenance types of plants around. There are so many different varieties of succulents and each is wholly unique. Aloe Vera has long, plump leaves and is considered the perfect soothing agent for sun damaged skin, while the Snake Plant has slender, vertical leaves and is recognisable by its bright yellow stripes.
These long-lasting plants are admired for the colourful and unique patterns created by their leaves, which is what makes them the ideal decorative plant for the home or garden. Eye-catching and exotic in appearance, these luscious plants take centre stage in Interflora’s succulent collection. Expertly arranged on top of sleek black pebbles within modern fishbowls and stylish glass cubes, these striking plants are sure to delight! Sleek and elegant, Interflora’s succulent collection is designed to help you celebrate almost any occasion. Want to say, ‘happy birthday’ or, ‘congratulations’? You are sure to find the perfect succulent arrangement to help you share your thoughts. With a network of over 70,000 florists across Australia and the world, let Interflora spoil your family and friends with a unique gift from their stunning succulent collection.
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