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Meaning of Tulips

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We love all flowers, it must be said. But there are some flowers that hold a special place in our affections – and the tulip is one of those special blooms. Part of the reason we love tulips so much is due to their elusiveness –sadly, these gorgeous blooms are only available during certain times of the year. The other reason is obvious; just look at them! Slender, stylish and effortlessly elegant, tulips are simply stunning!

Not only are they beautiful, they are also rich in history (heard of Tulip Mania before?) and meaning. These evocative blooms are an easy way to express a range of emotions and they do it all with just a glance.

Meaning of Tulips


Red Tulips

Rich, red-hued tulips express passion and love, making them the perfect choice for that someone special. A less conventional choice than classic red roses, red tulips are a great way to say, ‘I love you’, to the lover of these gorgeous blooms. Another important note to remember is that tulips are associated with the 11th wedding anniversary, so if there’s an anniversary on the horizon, these beauties could be the right choice for you.

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Pink Tulips

Pink tulips are an easy favourite and they too have a very specific meaning - they express happiness and confidence. They are the perfect all-occasion tulips! Send them to mum, to a friend, or even to that someone special, these stunning blooms always leave them beaming.

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Yellow Tulips

While yellow flowers were once thought to represent jealously and hopeless love, these days they express a much more cheerful emotion. Today, yellow tulips represent hope and cheerful thoughts. With such positive connotations, yellow tulips are a lovely gift to send a friend and the perfect way to say ‘thank you’, or ‘congratulations’!

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White Tulips

White tulips have a far less cheerful meaning; in fact, they are more appropriate for saying ‘sorry’. The perfect apology bouquet, white tulips are the classic way to request forgiveness.

Tulip Facts:

There are approximately 150 species of tulip bulbs and around 3000 different varieties!

Tulips still grow after they are cut and they continue to bloom for 3-7 days in a vase.

While most tulips have one flower per stem, there are some species that have up to four flowers per stem!

You can force tulips to grow out of season – see how here!

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