Unlike other Floral organisations, Interflora Australia has a network of 700 actual, independent, local Florists around Australia.  Our Florists create, hand make and deliver your floral (and hamper) gifts themselves to your friends, family, colleagues and loved ones.  Global supply remains a pinch point for Interflora's sundry items such as vases, baskets, etc. and we are allowing our Florists to substitute your sundries and flowers as needed.  If our customers have any concerns at all, we invite you to call our Australian Customer Support Centre on 1800 808 500.                          #AlwaysInterflora
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Tulips have been grown since the earliest times in Persia and are one of the most recognised flowers in the world.


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Interflora has an amazing range of tulips and tulip bouquets available for you to order online. The meaning of tulips is generally taken as perfect love. Like many flowers, different colours carry different meanings. Red tulips are associated with true love and romance, while purple tulips often symbolise royalty. Yellow tulips once represented hopeless love, but are now a common expression for cheerful thoughts and sunshine. White tulips are best sent as a message of forgiveness or respect. Why not defy the conventions with a beautiful Interflora arrangement featuring tulips for Mothers Day or Valentines Day!
Our vast network of professional florists supply every major town and city in Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth as well as international locations. Interflora has a huge range of flowers and bouquets for every occasion that cannot be beat. Each order is created to a high standard by professional florists all over Australia that pride themselves on being the best in the business.
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