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Places That Are Surprisingly Filled with Flowers

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Some countries in the world are associated with particular flowers, like the Netherlands for its tulips or France for its lavender fields.

Other countries might not immediately spring to mind beautiful blooms, but if you’re searching for fields of colourful flowers they should not be overlooked.

Take a look at our list of just some of the places in the world you might be surprised to find an abundance of flowers in.


We know, cherry blossoms. They’re everywhere and you probably knew that but did you know that Japan is overflowing with all kinds of beautiful blooms?

The entire country is littered with stunning displays of florals, from the Wisteria Tunnel and Ashikaga Flower Park, to the city of Furano famous for its lavender fields.

Furano also features endless rows of poppies, lilies, and sunflowers, covering the fields in rainbow hues.

Mount Tokachi is an impressive backdrop for this stunning site, and freshly-made lavender ice cream is the perfect accompaniment to a day of wandering the fields.

italian laneway.jfif

If you can tear yourself away from the amazing pasta and pizza on offer in this holiday destination, you might spot flowers to make your jaw drop.

The ancient town of Spello should be on your list as its walls are covered in well cared for vines and potted flowers.

During the annual Inforiate ceremony, the town’s streets are covered with floral mosaics in a range of themes, crafted from petals and intricately designed.

There are a number of gardens and outdoor areas to view flowering blooms in spring, like Florence’s famous Iris Garden, or Rome’s Rose Garden.

Otherwise simply look around when you walk the streets, you don’t need to travel to the countryside to see flowering trees.

brazilian clog.jfif


Brazil is considered to have the largest collection of flowers in the world including hundreds of species of orchids.

 The country also lays claim to some of the most unusual flowers in the world, with some only found in Brazil.

As with all things found in Brazil, the flowers are vibrant, colourful, and exciting.

 For flowers in Brazil you won’t need to go far but we recommend heading to former Dutch colony Holambra which has stayed true to its Dutch roots.

 The town is the largest producer of flowers in Latin America.


Vietnam is the surprising home of many endless fields of flowers with its most famous flower destination a former French colony known as “the city of thousands of flowers”.

Dalat has numerous parks, gardens and even a festival dedicated to colourful blooms.

The Flower Festival held in late December to early January, sees more than 300,000 pots of flowers displayed along main roads, and hundreds of flower farmers and enthusiasts gather to showcase a huge range of flower species.

 As the biggest flower festival in the country it attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year.


The city of Marrakesh is not an arid desert as one might expect, but instead it is home to no less than 54 lush public gardens.

Head six hours south and you will find the Valley of Roses, where rosebuds are handpicked for use in essential oils, rosewater, soaps, and perfumes.

The Festival of Roses not only celebrates the beautiful flowers but also the positive impact of harvesting on their local economy.

With floral displays, music, entertainers, and even awarding of the title of Rose Queen, the festival is not to be missed.

Our own backyard

Australia is known for its interesting flora and native flowers but did you know we have a surprising number of lavender fields and even the world’s largest collection of wildflowers?

You’ll find a lavender field in many states in Australia but to wander through lavender fields reminiscent of the French countryside, our pick is to head to Tasmania or Victoria.

To soak up the view of the world’s largest collection of wildflowers book a plane ticket to Perth and keep a look out for the 60% of Western Australian wildflowers that are found nowhere else on Earth!

Will you be heading to one of these flower filled destinations on your next holiday?

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