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Spring Picnic Guide

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Make the most of spring and pack your picnic basket... 

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors, spend time in the sun, and soak up the beautiful flowers just starting to bloom.
We’ll be spending as much time outside as possible, swapping our gym routines for outdoor activities, trading a movie for a walk, heading to the lake or beach before it gets too hot, and eating as many meals in the fresh air as possible.

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One of our favourite ways to enjoy springtime is by packing a picnic basket and heading to the nearest flowering field, lush green park, or forest clearing.

If you’re not in the habit of transporting your food to a pretty location don’t worry, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide.

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1. Choose your location

You can picnic pretty much anywhere you like (as long as you’re not on private property), so your location comes down to what’s available and personal preference.

Whether you find a grassy hill a short walk from your front door or pack up the car and drive an hour to a new beach, your options are endless.

Consider the pros and cons of your intended location before deciding on a spot; a hill might have great views but you may struggle to balance your plates and cups, whilst the beach provides beautiful sea air but you will also have to deal with sand getting everywhere.

When in doubt, pick a flat and quiet spot where the ground isn’t too hard. Extra points if you discover a great view and a mix of sun and shade.

Take a look at Sydney’s Most Beautiful Gardens, Melbourne’s Best Gardens to Explore, Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens and Top Places to Discover Wildflowers in Perth for some location ideas.

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2. Pack your picnic basket

You can’t call it a picnic without a cute picnic basket to take on your adventure.

Add plates, utensils, napkins, and rubbish bags to it before packing bug spray and sunscreen in a separate bag.

Don’t forget a cosy picnic rug; the bigger the better! Cushions will also make your picnic area much comfier.

We recommend bringing music and travel speakers (charged up), or a good book, journal, or sketch pad.

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3. Curate your food selection

Now comes the best part, deciding what you’ll eat and drink! It’s best to opt for more portable foods and ones that can be served cold. For instance, soup may be a bad choice!

We love to include some of the following options in our picnic baskets…

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No picnic is complete without a drink choice, whether you go with wine, sparkling water, or even homemade iced tea.

We also highly recommend adding a sweet dessert! Opt for travel safe options like brownies or slices, scones, cupcakes, macaroons, or some decadent chocolates.

Before you pack your picnic basket, consider how hot the day is and whether you’ll end up with sad looking cheese or melted chocolates. Add an ice pack to your basket to help keep things cool.

Take a look at our hampers for ready-made options.

Bonus tip: Send a hamper to a friend or loved one to surprise them with your picnic plans!

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4. Style it

We say if you’re going to go on a picnic you may as well make it pretty.

Of course how you style your picnic is completely up to you, but we find it difficult to steer away from boho maxi dresses and floral prints.

Dressing the part only increases the fun, plus you will be much more comfortable consuming yummy picnic treats in a loose flowy dress than you would be in jeans.

For extra fabulousness, add a flower crown or gypsy inspired accessories.

Being as obsessed with flowers as we are, we also like to add some cute blooms to our picnic baskets to really help set the ‘table’. Spring flowers are the perfect addition.

If you’re heading out on a twilight picnic don’t forget to pack some candles for a romantic vibe, just be very careful of your flame! (Opt for some ‘fake’ candles like these ones at Ikea)

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5. Pick a picnic pal

Lastly but certainly not least, who will you take with you?

Whether your picnic is a cute date for you and your love, a fun activity for your gal pals, quality time with family, or even an adventure with your dogs, the company can make or break your picnic efforts.

Choose wisely and have fun!

Take a look at our Winter Spring Collection for more spring inspiration.

See our Spring Flowers Pinterest Board.

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