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5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas You Must Know (A Quick Guide)

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Valentine's Day Gift

During Valentine’s Day, gift-giving becomes the universal language of love and affection. However, with the multitude of options available, finding the perfect gift to express your heartfelt sentiments and thoughts could be a delightful yet challenging task. This could be particularly difficult during Valentine’s Day, when everyone seems to be fetching the same red roses and heart-shaped chocolates.

If you want to go beyond the ordinary to impress your special someone, we’ve got a comprehensive Valentine’s Day gift guide to make this day unforgettable for both you and your loved one.

When is Valentine's Day in 2024? 

Just like in most countries, Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day, is celebrated on February 14th. And while it isn’t a public holiday in Australia, it is still an occasion widely observed to celebrate all forms of love.

5 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

It’s not about choosing the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts—it’s about selecting the most meaningful ones that resonate with your beloved. Here are five tips to guide you in selecting a one-of-a-kind present that will make your loved one’s heart skip a beat.

Understand Their Preferences 

Make a list of their interests—from their likes and dislikes to their passions and hobbies. Consider the things that spark joy in them, such as their favourite flowers or food. Tailoring your gift based on their preferences shows that you’ve put genuine thought into making the day special for them.

Add a Special Touch

Going for a personalised gift adds a unique and sentimental touch to your gesture. It doesn’t only make the gift unique to your relationship, but it also displays the effort you’ve invested in creating something specifically for your loved one. For example, giving them their favourite blooms arranged in a custom bouquet with a heartfelt letter can transform a simple gift into a profound expression of love.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Memorialise shared memories through your gift. Whether it’s a photo of you two from your journey together, a playlist of songs you both love, or an object that holds sentimental value, choosing a gift that reflects your shared experiences adds a nostalgic touch.

Consider the Presentation

It’s not only about how your gift is wrapped—it’s also about how you present it. Think about the creative and unexpected ways you could give your special gift, like a scavenger hunt or a surprise delivery to their home. This way, your gift could turn into a memorable experience in itself.

Think Beyond the Material Things

Sometimes, the perfect gift is an experience, not a material thing. Consider giving the gift of shared moments and unforgettable experiences to your loved one, such as a romantic dinner date or a quick weekend getaway. These experiences also help deepen the bond between you and your partner.

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

This Valentine’s Day, go beyond the ordinary and consider unique and thoughtful gift ideas that would leave a lasting impression on your significant other. Here are a few ideas for Valentine’s Day presents.

Valentine’s Day Flowers

You could never go wrong with flowers as a gift. But if you want to elevate the classic gesture of giving blooms, consider these creative arrangements to make your floral present even more special.

Flower Arrangement

Whether you want it in a beautiful box or a sophisticated vase, there are plenty of available options you could choose to present your tangible and thoughtful expression of love.



J’adore Roses

This stunning arrangement of six vibrant red roses is wrapped in lush foliage and elegantly presented in a reusable vase. J’adore Roses not only makes an elegant Valentine’s Day gift, but also a captivating decoration for any space.

Lily Deluxe

The vibrant pink lilies and roses of Lily Deluxe complement with lush monstera leaves and magnolia foliage. Adorned with a feather celosia, every element of this arrangement harmoniously creates a sophisticated gift in a glass vase.

Pink Rose Posy

Brimming with the radiance of the pastel-hued petals of roses, carnations, and ivy berries, Pink Rose Posy is a delicate and charming arrangement that captures the essence of grace and tenderness.

Romantic Bouquets

No Valentine’s Day gift guide is complete without bouquets. A quintessential symbol of love and affection, you could surprise your loved one with a meticulously crafted bouquet that tells your story of love in the most enchanting way.

Mon Amour

Giving someone 12 roses is similar to asking them to be yours. So, if you have someone special who has captured your heart, the Mon Amour bouquet could be an excellent gift. Comprising 12 exquisite red roses, this bouquet echoes the timeless tradition of expressing admiration and desire for a deeper connection.

Eternal Roses in Pink

While its delicate hues are more subtle than the traditional bold red rose, pink roses carry strong meanings of admiration, happiness, and love. Eternal Roses in Pink features a dozen pink roses in a reusable glass vase, allowing your recipient to immortalise the moment in a timeless and charming presentation.

Everlasting Lovely Roses

Let your loved one know they’re always on your mind with 24 stems of fresh red roses. These blooms are elegantly presented in a box, creating a stunning display that symbolises the joy and deep emotions that love brings.

La Vie En Rose in Yellow

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating all forms of love—including friendship. And yellow roses are universally known to symbolise the love and the bond of platonic connections. Give your friend a warm hug and let this bouquet of six yellow roses be your heartfelt message of friendship this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Hampers

If you want to give your loved one a gift that goes beyond the traditional flowers, hampers offer a delightful twist that would put a smile on their face. These curated Valentine’s Day hampers blend romance and indulgence in every detail, offering a unique and thoughtful way to express your love.


Gift Hamper for Her

Indulge her senses with a gift hamper that perfectly combines both beauty and taste. This delightful gift features an array of sweet and savoury treats, adorned with stunning burgundy snapdragons and delicate pink lisianthus flowers. 

Gift Hamper for Him

A timeless ensemble of irresistible snacks crafted to enchant the refined gentleman in your life. Featuring a curated selection of delights, from delectable beef jerky and gourmet nuts to six cans of premium craft beer, this Gift Hamper for Him ensures a delightful journey for the discerning palate.


The sweetest occasion wouldn’t be complete without the sweet taste of chocolates, making it one of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts. But you could put a little twist on it by making it more personal. Pick their favourite brands and flavours, or better yet, make a homemade delight crafted with effort and peppered with love. Imagine the delight on their face as they unwrap a personalised assortment of chocolates tailored just for them.


Light up your special moments and make your Valentine’s Day gift shine brighter with the warm glow of candles. An enchanting addition to the occasion, candles infuse the air with a soft, lingering fragrance, setting the mood for an intimate and romantic moment. Choose from a variety of scents and styles to suit your loved one’s taste, and let the gentle illumination of candles ignite a spark of romance this Valentine’s Day.


They say the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. And what better way to warm your loved one’s heart than with a well-prepared, romantic meal? Try taking them out to a restaurant they’ve never been to before or to a cosy space with cuisine that suits their taste. But also remember that a memorable dining experience goes beyond what’s on the plate. Consider preparing a homemade meal and setting a romantic table with candles and flowers to add a personal, intimate touch to the experience.

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Find the Best Gift That Speaks the Language of Your Love

This Valentine’s Day, let your gift be a reflection of the unique connection you share with your loved one. Whether it’s a classic bouquet of flowers, a personalised keepsake, or a romantic experience they will never forget, your thoughtfulness and effort in picking the perfect one will make this day extraordinary.

Interflora™ Australia offers a curated selection of exquisite floral gifts and hampers that go beyond the ordinary. Several add-ons are also available to make your present even more special and personal, such as a huggable soft toy, a luxury bottle of wine, or a premium box of chocolates.

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