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Top 7 Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

3 min read

Is there anything more romantic?

But while there are already high expectations that surround V-Day (have you ordered your Valentine's Day roses yet?), your romantic proposal will be a story that is repeated year after year.

Planning on popping the question but not sure how to go about it?

Fear not, there’s still time and with our top 7 proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day, you’ll be ready to wow your loved one come February 14th.

If you want to go big, we have a few ideas for you here, but if you’re more intent on a simple yet sweet proposal, we’ve got you covered too.

But remember, big isn’t always better and at the end of the day the more thoughtful and unique your proposal, the more lovingly it will be received.

Top 7 Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

First Date Restaurant


Taking your partner to the spot of your first date on Valentine’s Day might not seem like the most creative proposal setting, but there's a lot to be said for nostalgia. 

The internet is awash with ever-elaborate marriage proposals, each of them plotted with insane detail, but that doesn't make a less extravagant proposal any less special.

The spot of your first date, on the other hand, will be sweet, nostalgic and thoughtful, not to mention completely specific to your partner.

Rooftop In Summer


Watching the sunset with your partner is perhaps one of the most romantic experiences you could hope for.

The awe-inspiring and unforgettable scene is the backdrop your marriage proposal deserves.

Too simple for you? Arrange a scavenger hunt leading your partner to the spot you’ve chosen.

Say It With Lights

Are you a little on the creative side? Why not make a display of it?

Say It With Lights

Flash Mob

Don’t know how to put it in words? Let a flash mob say it for you!

Scavenger Hunt


Picture this: A phone alarm sounds. Your Valentine wakes up and finds a note on the bedside table. It tells her to go to the kitchen. In the kitchen she finds a plate of steaming pancakes topped with fresh berries and another note.

This one tells her to walk down the street to the local café. She walks into the café and the barista has her coffee ready for her, along with another note. Getting the picture? Make a fun game of it!

Whether it be a scavenger hunt, a treasure hunt or an extravagant game of hide and seek, it’ll be the most fun wedding proposal ever!

And because it’s Valentine’s Day she won’t know whether it’s a proposal or an extravagant Valentine’s gift.

Send Roses


Your Valentine might be hoping for romantic red roses on Valentine’s Day but will they be expecting a diamond engagement ring to accompany it?

Each year around 1% of Interflora’s Valentine’s Day deliveries are sent to loved ones with marriage proposals.

If red roses are the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift, then what better way to ask for their hand!

They’ll be overjoyed with their flowers and left speechless when they see the ring. 

At The Cinema

But if you have the time, a cinema proposal never went astray…

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