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Ways to Pair Flowers with Food & Wine

4 min read
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We’re all aware of the wonderful pairings of wine with cheese, fruits and a whole range of different foods, but for something a bit more exotic, have you ever thought of pairing food with flowers? 

They say a great food and wine pairing creates balance between the components of a dish and the characteristics of a wine. And when combined with flowers, they make for a match made in heaven. There are so many great kinds of flowers to choose from that perfectly complement food or wine. As complex as this may seem, the basics are simple:

Whether you’ve got a classic feast thought out and wondering what kind of flowers to decorate your dinner table with or if you’re looking to complement the Rosé ready to uncork, we’re happy to play the matchmaker and help you pair them with the right buds.


Carnations & Spanish Tapas

Carnations are the national flower of Spain, which is why it’s so fitting to pair these splendours to decorate your table to go with your empanadas or croquetas. Red carnations in specific are seen in the mouths and hair of flamenco dancers as a romantic Spanish cultural tradition. These cute and flexible buds as single stems or dense bunches make for a unique layout in vases. 

If you’re having a romantic meal for two, choose the red or pink carnations or else depending on the occasion, you can choose other coloured carnations from our Carnation Collection. Bright orange carnations will look great alongside a warm paella or a collection of carefully crafted tapas dishes.


Roses & Classic French Cuisine

Fresh hand tied roses paired with dishes that are better than a vacation in Paris makes for a powerful romantic statement during a hearty dinner. Roses are undoubtedly popular flowers around the world, associated with some form of affection. In particular, a full-bodied collection of red roses makes the perfect token if you’re headed for a date to a steakhouse. If you’re dining with friends, a bright bunch of yellow roses will make-do. Nothing is more classic than roses paired with classic French cuisine, it has its own flare in reverence of tradition. And since we’re suggesting the best duos, a Steak Tartare or Coq Au Vin sync seamlessly with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Sunflowers & Viognier 

Sunflowers are beautiful, bright, sunny blooms with a great look and feel. If you’re hosting a get-together on a pleasant sunny afternoon, serve up some viognier wine along with cheery and pleasing sunflowers, since they complement the crisp taste and great colour of the wine. If you’re a white wine enthusiast and love chardonnay, you’ll love a good intensely aromatic viognier, that smells and tastes like a touch of floral, citrus blossoms, apricot and peach tones. 

They pair greatly with rich seafood, white meats or dishes with spices such as a Moroccan chicken tagine with apricots and almonds served with saffron rice. The aromas in this dish heighten the fruit flavours and creaminess in the wine.

Gerberas With Bubbly

Gerberas provide bright bursts of colour and add visual appeal brightening up any room. A bottle of bubbles or sparkling wine paired perfectly with an arrangement of vibrant gerberas will offer the same burst and fizzy sensation across your palette. With the appearance of this duo, expect the perfect celebration. Just like roses, you can choose to send or decorate your dinner table with a bunch of gerberas along with a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine.

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Orchids & Pad Thai

If you’re planning to heat things up with a spicy Thai curry or a som tum papaya salad, decorating with groupings from our Orchid Collection will make for a meaningful accent to any tablescape. Afterall, Thailand is famous for their homegrown orchids and lilies featuring bright and exuberant colours in white, pink, purple, fuchsia. You can also opt for bold colours like orange or yellow to go with the bold Thai flavours to tie the centrepiece and meal together. The more flowers, the more glamorous the setting! 

Whether you are sending wine gift hampers or looking for the perfect floral décor to compliment a meal, bring that special touch to the celebration with Interflora, and send a beautiful Gourmet Food Hamper with our sister company,

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