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Mother's Day Flower Delivery in Melbourne

As we celebrate Mother’s Day on May 12, let flowers speak the language of your love and gratitude for your mum. Explore our exquisite selection of bouquets, flower arrangements, hampers, and potted plants, all crafted to perfection for Mother’s Day flower delivery in Melbourne.


Why Flowers Are the Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Melbourne’s vibrant and diverse floral scene offers a wide array of blooms, ensuring there’s an ideal flower to suit every mum’s taste and personality. Whether it’s a colourful bouquet or a sophisticated arrangement, flowers have a universal charm that makes them a timeless gift for Mother’s Day. Celebrate your mum and the unconditional love she provides with the gift of Mother’s Day flowers in Melbourne.

Our Exclusive Mother's Day Collection

This Mother’s Day, treat your mum to some well-deserved pampering with our collection of gifts designed to warm her heart and soothe her soul. Not sure where to begin? Dive into our comprehensive Mother’s Day Gift Guide to see the perfect token of love for your mum.

Mother's Day Bouquets

Giving a bouquet for Mother’s Day is a timeless tradition for conveying your heartfelt love and gratitude to the remarkable women in your life. Interflora™ Australia’s bouquets stand out for their exceptional quality and freshness, ensuring that every bloom is vibrant and long-lasting, symbolising the enduring bond between you and your mum.

Mother's Day Flower Arrangements

Give your mum a present she can always admire in her room and cherish as a symbol of your appreciation, bringing a smile to her face each time she sees it. With our flower arrangements, you can choose from an array of stunning blooms meticulously arranged to create a beautiful display that perfectly captures your sentiments. Rest assured that whatever your mum’s style and preference may be, our local florists can craft only the perfect gift she deserves.

Mother's Day Hampers

Our Mother’s Day hampers offer a versatile and thoughtful gift option, allowing you to curate a selection of your mum’s favourite treats, from gourmet chocolates and fine wines to pampering spa essentials, tailored to her preferences and tastes. Each hamper in our collection is thoughtfully arranged with premium-quality products sourced from trusted suppliers, creating an indulgent experience for your mum.

Mother's Day Potted Plants

Does your mum have a green thumb? Then a potted plant from Interflora™ Australia can be the best gift to add to her indoor garden. Our selection of potted plants includes various options to suit every gardening style and preference. With proper care and attention, these plants will continue to thrive and bring joy to your mum’s home even long after Mother’s Day has passed.

Best Mother's Day Flowers & Their Meanings

One of the most beautiful things about flowers is the unique meanings each of them carries. From the purity and renewal that lilies represent to the motherly love and devotion that carnations represent, each bloom has a language of its own, making them a sentimental gift that resonates deeply with both the giver and the recipient. Learn more about the most popular Mother’s Day flowers and pick a gift that is both beautiful and meaningful.

Mother’s Day Flowers Delivery and Ordering in Melbourne

Pamper your mum this Mother’s Day with our same-day flower delivery service. Get your floral gift delivered on the same day by placing your order before 2pm, from Monday to Friday, or before 10am on Saturdays in your recipient's time zone. Our network of drivers and florists work hand-in-hand to ensure that your Mother’s Day flowers arrive in Melbourne promptly and in perfect condition. Please be aware that same-day deliveries are not assured on public holidays. 

What If Mom Misses Her Mother's Day Flower Delivery in Melbourne?

We may request to reschedule the delivery or organise a suitable date for you to collect it from our store. Alternatively, if there is no one available to receive the delivery, we may leave it at the designated location specified in the order.

Supporting Local and Sustainable Options

Interflora™ Australia is dedicated to fostering a sustainable future by partnering with local florists who share our passion for quality and eco-conscious practices. Join us in nurturing our planet while supporting the livelihoods of our community, one exquisite bloom at a time.

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