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6 Best Flowers for Mother's Day & Their Meanings (2024)

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Choosing the perfect flowers for Mother's Day means more than just a gesture; it is a heartfelt expression of love and appreciation. The beauty of giving popular Mother’s Day flowers is that each bloom carries its own meaning, and with the right flowers, you could create a message of your own that resonates with your mum, making it even more memorable. In this quick list, we share 6 of the best flowers for Mother’s Day and their special meanings, so you can celebrate your mum and show her your love, with flowers.

Popular Mother's Day Flowers and Their Meanings

1. Carnations

Carnations are considered traditional Mother’s Day flowers. With a variety of gorgeous colours, they make a great alternative to the classic choice of roses. Carnations are known for their fresh, sweet scent and will make a great addition to any Mother's Day floral arrangement. Each colour shares its own meaning:

Interflora™ Australia offers a great variety of these traditional Mother’s Day flowers with carnation bouquets and arrangements for delivery. Surprise mum with our personalised and premium Mother’s Day collection: 

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Mother's Day Flower - Carnations

With their vibrant hues and delicate petals, chrysanthemums embody many messages such as love, longevity, and gratitude, making them a perfect choice for Mother’s Day flowers in Australia. Their beautifully diverse colours and shapes offer versatility for floral arrangements and a long vase life, bringing joy and warmth to any space, just as a mum’s love does in our lives. Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas with chrysanthemums:

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Mother's Day Flower - Chrysanthemum

2. Roses

Roses are an excellent choice for any occasion, including Mother’s Day. From our collection of vibrant Yellow Roses to Luxury Mother’s Day Blooms, you can express your appreciation and admiration with these timeless floral arrangements. Symbolising love, joy, beauty, and admiration, these delicate blooms are sure to bring a smile to her face.

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Mother's Day Flower - Roses

3. Orchids

Orchids, with their beauty and exotic allure, are perfect for anyone looking to celebrate Mother's Day. With their elegant and long-lasting blooms, these popular Mother’s Day flowers add a touch of sophistication to any space. They also share many messages of love, beauty, and strength –each colour variation representing different meanings:

With their exquisite beauty and diverse forms, orchids are truly treasured gifts for any occasion.

Mother's Day Flower - Orchids

4. Lilies

Lilies, the lovely flower that looks like a star, are a stunning alternative to traditional Mother’s Day flowers. They are a symbol of purity, beauty, and motherhood. White lilies, in particular, are often associated with motherhood and are considered one of the best Mother’s Day flowers in Australia.

Mother's Day Flower - Lilies

5. Tulips

Tulips make delightful Mother's Day gifts because of their charming appearance and vibrant colours, symbolising love, elegance, and grace. Their wide array of hues share various sentiments, from deep affection to admiration. Tulips are among the best flowers to give for Mother’s Day as they represent new beginnings, reflecting the nurturing essence of motherhood. Their simplicity and beauty make them perfect for expressing gratitude and appreciation for the love and care mums wholeheartedly give.

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How to Choose the Right Flowers for Your Mum

1. What are Her Preferences?

Giving the best flowers for Mother's Day starts with choosing blooms based on Mum’s preferences. You could customise your floral surprise to reflect her favourite flowers, colours, or styles, whether it's traditional Mother’s Day flowers like Carnations or a modern floral arrangement. Thoughtfully selecting flowers that resonate with her taste ensures she receives a meaningful gesture that celebrates her on this special day.

2. Seasonal Availability in Australia

When choosing Mother’s Day flowers for Mum, it is recommended to opt for blooms in season in Australia to ensure the freshness and vibrant colours of your floral surprise. Popular Mother’s Day flowers such as roses, tulips, carnations and chrysanthemums are commonly available. Interflora™ Australia offers nothing less than the best flowers for Mother’s Day as well as swift delivery for your heartfelt gestures. Place your order today to receive premium floral arrangements made with love for your Mother’s Day flowers in Australia.

3. Allergy Considerations

What makes flowers wonderful is that there are many to choose from, even when you’re allergic to pollen. Pollen allergies are quite common, but luckily it shouldn’t have to stop Mum from enjoying a beautiful bouquet on her special day. Hypoallergenic flowers such as orchids, carnations, tulips, irises, and roses are popular Mother’s Day flowers to choose from for Mum’s surprise. See our collection of Mother’s Day flowers and place your order today.

As Mother's Day approaches, remember that the beauty of flowers is beyond just appearance. With many popular Mother’s Day flowers to choose from, you could choose personalised blooms that share a heartfelt message, reflecting the gratitude, admiration, and appreciation for Mum. From roses symbolising love to orchids representing elegance, let your floral gift carry a meaningful sentiment that resonates with her on her special day.


1. What is the most common flower for Mother's Day?

Carnations are the most common flowers given on Mother’s Day. With their intricate petals and vibrant colours, they are popular Mother’s Day flowers because of their symbolic messages of love and appreciation. They are also known for their availability during most seasons as well as their diversity to make any customised bouquet into a stunning surprise. 

2. What is the best flower to give for Mother's Day?

Carnations are the official Mother’s Day flower because of their symbolism for love, specifically a mum's eternal love for her children. They are the best flowers to give on Mother’s Day because they are also very versatile with their vibrant blooms and long vase life, making them wonderful gift choices Mum could appreciate even after your celebrations. For more gift ideas, you could also see our quick list of the best flowers to give for Mother’s Day.

3. Is there a Mother's Day Rose?

Red roses are a classic Mother’s Day gift. While they can signify romance, red roses also represent love and respect when you give them to your mum. However, if you are looking for a Mother’s Day rose that is less traditional, you can also surprise her with pink or yellow roses to show your appreciation.

4. Are flowers good for Mother's Day?

Flowers are timeless gifts for Mother's Day, conveying sentiments of love, appreciation, and admiration. From their vibrant petals to their fragrance, flowers could bring joy and warmth, symbolising the nurturing essence of motherhood. With a wide variety of blooms available, flowers offer a personalised and heartfelt way to honour and celebrate mums all year.

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