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Most Popular Mother’s Day Flowers

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With Mother’s Day, you’ll probably find yourself trying to make a choice between sunflowers, tulips, roses, and other beautiful varieties. If you ask us, choosing roses are a traditional Mother’s Day flower to consider, that never goes wrong. However, if mum loves her flowers fragrant, then an indoor plants like African Violets gets a big thumbs-up from us too!

Flowers are an all-time favourite on Mother’s Day so whether you decide to choose a unique floral statement like our Pastel Florist Choice Posy or deliver flowers that are a bit easy on the pocket like Sisterhood Florals, our gorgeous Mother’s Day collection of flowers and gifts feature ever popular blooms. To help you, we’ve compiled some of the most popular flowers that represent Mother’s Day, so you can find the right bouquet to celebrate mum’s moment.



Brighten her mothers day with this classic sunny choice sure to spread joy. The classic Bunch of Courage features a bunch of fresh and beaming sunflowers, wrapped in brown paper and tied with beautiful silk blue ribbon - sure to make mums day!


Roses just don’t just mean romance. From a simple classic bouquet of roses to a flower arrangement such as our Mon Amour, express your appreciation and admiration in having her as your mother. We don’t know a mum who doesn’t adore luscious long-stemmed roses. These delicate blooms are sure to bring a smile to her face.



Tulips are a no-brainer and are a great seasonal choice for Mother’s Day. They come in all sorts of pretty colours, express warmth and affection, have a unique shape, a light scent and lasts longer than many other flowers – making it a good choice that’ll be appreciated by mum! Show her how much you cherish her and give the Aries a bunch of gorgeous pink tulips.

Peace Lily

Gift a Peace Lily potted plant to your mum who’s got a bit of a green thumb. Share a piece of your heart with her - and you can’t go wrong with this easy-going indoor plant! Gifting her an Aquarius is a good choice for she can appreciate it now and treasure it for months and years to come. Alternatively, African Violet, makes for an iconic Mother's Day gift too. This pink plant is lush and lovely with sweetly perfumed flowers that can be easily grown as an indoor plant.

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