Areas of Australia are continually moving into and out of COVID lockdowns.  Interflora Australia's florists located in these affected areas are able to continue delivering your floral and hamper orders.  Due to the ongoing supply issues caused by the pandemic, Interflora is allowing its florists to substitute floral and sundry (vases, etc) items.  If our customers have any concerns or questions, we invite you to contact our Australian Customer Support Centre on 1800 808 500.
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Romantic Flowers & Gifts

It doesn't have to even be a special occasion to give a romantic flower gift to your loved one. After all, you can never go wrong with the crowd pleaser that is a box of red roses.

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The act of giving red roses as a romantic gesture is a centuries old tradition in many different cultures. To be young and in love, or older and wiser and still a romantic at heart. Whatever category you may fall into, we hope the romance is still alive in your relationships. The act of giving red roses as a romantic gesture is a centuries old tradition in many different cultures. The rose was sacred to a number of goddesses including Isis. In Islam, it is the beauty of the rose that induces the longing song of the nightingale, a bird that is prominent in the poems of Hafez. Throughout history the rose has been used as a symbol or in emblems. For example, the rose is the national flower of England and was first used by Henry VII for the Tudor rose. The rose will always remain a significant symbol of love and beauty. Nothing says I love you better than roses, whether it's for Valentine’s Day or just to show your appreciation and give thanks to someone.
At Interflora we have a variety of options for romantic flowers. For pink lovers, we'd recommend 'La Dolce Vita' - a posy of mixed flowers in pastel tones - add chocolates to make it extra special! If you're after something with a bit of style and classiness, why not go for 'Tranquility' - a spectacular vase arrangement bursting with oriental lilies. Interflora is Australia's trusted brand, with over 100 years of experience in floristry. We deliver Australia wide including key locations such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and also internationally.
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