Areas of Australia are continually moving into and out of COVID lockdowns.  Interflora Australia's florists located in these affected areas are able to continue delivering your floral and hamper orders.  Due to the ongoing supply issues caused by the pandemic, Interflora is allowing its florists to substitute floral and sundry (vases, etc) items.  If our customers have any concerns or questions, we invite you to contact our Australian Customer Support Centre on 1800 808 500.
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Irises are perfect for almost any occasion including a beautiful new baby gift.


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The Iris is an exotic and beautiful flower that always makes a big impression. The Iris takes its name from the Greek term for “rainbow”, which no doubt comes from the myriad of colours that can be found in this species. The Iris happens to be the flower of a Greek goddess by the same name who is the Messenger of Love. Her sacred flower is considered a symbol of messages and communication and also symbolises eloquence. As with many other flowers, Irises have different meanings based on their colour.
Purple Irises are linked to wisdom and compliments, blue Irises relate to faith and hope, yellow is for passion and white for purity. Whichever Iris arrangement you choose for your loved one you can be sure it will stand out from the rest.Interflora has the largest network of florists in Australia who can send flowers just about anywhere, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.
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