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How to Choose the Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day

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6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Valentine’s Flowers

Selecting the perfect bouquet could be overwhelming, especially if you have many options. Here are some tips to help ensure your floral gift makes a lasting impression and highlights a cherished memory you two would treasure.

Select the Right Florist

Arranging an exquisite bouquet is both an art and a science. A skilled florist understands this, combining their creativity with technical expertise to craft the best flower for Valentine’s Day. Look for florists with a reputation for quality and attention to detail. Read reviews or ask for recommendations from friends or family. 

If you’re ordering online, check their website to get a sense of their style and the variety of flowers they offer. If possible, you could also visit their physical store to see the quality of their flowers and arrangements firsthand.

choosing the perfect valentine's day flowers

Some florists specialise in certain types of arrangements or flowers. If you have a specific preference or if your significant other has a favourite flower you want to incorporate into your gift, look for a florist that specialises in those.

Make Sure Your Flowers are Fresh and Will Last Long

A bouquet that stays beautiful for a long time mirrors the longevity of your love and affection. To ensure that your loved one could admire your floral gift for days on end, choose flowers that are in peak condition. Seasonal blooms, for example, tend to be fresher and longer-lasting, so it might be best to select flowers that are currently in season. You could also ask your florist about specific care tips to keep the flowers vibrant for as long as possible. 

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Make Her Smile, Not Sneeze

Express your thoughtfulness by choosing a flower that’s not only meaningful but also hypoallergenic. After all, your floral gift is meant to captivate the senses. A beautiful bouquet should bring your Valentine's date joy and not cause discomfort.

Orchids, carnations, roses, and tulips are a few examples of blooms that produce only little pollens and do not cause any irritation, making them a great gift if you’re giving blooms to a loved one who’s sensitive or allergic to pollens. 

Remember, a bouquet of thoughtfulness that considers your significant other’s well-being speaks to the heart and shows how much you care.

Make Your Valentine’s Day Flowers Personal

Add a personal touch to your bouquet by selecting blooms that hold shared memories of experiences you’ve had. Think about the time you celebrated an occasion surrounded by the fragrance of flowers, or if you took a stroll through a garden filled with blooms on a memorable date. Incorporating those specific flowers into your gift evokes a nostalgic and heartfelt atmosphere, taking you both back to the cherished moments you spent together. This thoughtful gesture not only adds a sentimental value to your gift but also communicates the depth and history of your relationship and connection.

Make Sure Your Flowers Are Presentable

Presentation matters, and a beautifully arranged bouquet enhances the overall impact of your gesture. Consider your loved one’s preference. If they like simple designs, opt for a minimalist arrangement. For someone who appreciates grand gestures, consider a more elaborate design.

Whether you want your floral gift to be wrapped in a bouquet, placed in an elegant vase, or presented in an aesthetically pleasing basket, a thoughtful presentation tailored to your loved one’s style could elevate the beauty of your blooms.

how to choose flowers for valentines day

Ensure Your Flowers Are Carefully Delivered 

Many times, it’s not just about the arrangement but also the journey it takes before your floral gift reaches the hands of your precious loved one. A well-executed delivery ensures your Valentine receives the bouquet at its freshest, just like they deserve. To make sure your flowers arrive in their pristine condition, you could ask your florist the following:

The 7 Best Flowers For Valentine’s Day

Here’s a curated list of flowers for Valentine’s Day that are sure to make your gesture extra special.

Roses: Love and Admiration

No list would be complete without roses, and these are classic for a reason. The quintessential symbol of love and passion, roses have captivated hearts with their velvety petals and enchanting fragrances. But, beyond the popularity of red roses, there’s also a spectrum of colours worth exploring to convey different emotions. White roses, for example, symbolise innocence and new love, which is ideal for a blooming romance, while pink roses represent appreciation and admiration.


Orchids: Elegance and Enduring Love

With their exotic allure and delicate intricacy, orchids capture the essence of a rare and enduring love. And what makes them even more special is that they could last for years when properly cared for. This long-lasting bloom becomes not just a fleeting symbol of affection but a timeless representation of your love that withstands the test of time.


Alstroemeria: Mutual Support

Show your loved one you’ll be with them through whatever life has to offer with a gift that symbolises unwavering support to one another. Alstroemerias are the perfect bloom to say, “I’ve got your back” and “We’ll overcome life’s challenges together,” which also makes them a popular choice for bridal bouquets and wedding flowers. Each part of this flower carries a unique meaning, with the six petals representing understanding, humour, patience, empathy, commitment, and respect, and the twisted leaves symbolising stability.


Anthurium: Exotic Beauty

With their heart-shaped blooms and glossy leaves, anthuriums, also known as flamingo flowers, bring a touch of tropical beauty to your Valentine’s Day floral gift. They come in a variety of colours with each hue carrying its unique meaning. For example, the classic red blooms embody passion and deep love, while the softer tones of pink anthuriums represent grace and care.


Oriental Lilies: Sweetness and Virtue

Renowned for their large, fragrant blooms, Oriental lilies stand as a symbol of beauty and purity of the heart. Their large and intricate petals unfold in a graceful manner, creating a visual spectacle that captures the eyes and hearts of those who receive them. Beyond their aesthetic allure, the fragrance of Oriental lilies also enhances their enchanting presence, with their sweet and lingering scent creating an immersive experience that evokes a sense of tranquillity.

oriental lilies

Carnations: Devotion and Fascination

Carnations’ association with love and commitment has been around for centuries, with many famous Renaissance painters incorporating them into their work to depict weddings and engagements. Like many flowers in this list, carnations also come in a kaleidoscope of colours, with each hue having its own nuanced meaning. Red carnations are typically used to express romantic love, while the orange ones are ideal for showing interest in someone.


Set the Stage for a Romantic Valentine’s Day With Flowers

With the multitude of options to choose from, selecting the best flower for Valentine’s Day could be overwhelming. However, the key to making your gift truly meaningful lies in the thoughtful considerations and efforts you put into it. Take a moment to reflect on your loved one’s preferences, and most importantly, consider what you want to say. All the shared memories, the meaningful moments, and the qualities that define your loved one and your relationship together—these thoughtful considerations would guide you in choosing the perfect gift.

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