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The Meaning of Roses

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There are many different roses in this world and while some vary in small ways such as their shade or fragrance, others are particularly unique like the Osiria Rose, the Black Halfeti Rose, the Knockout Rose and the rare Rosa Canina ex Rubiginosa.   Over the years the beauty of the rose has inspired works of art, literature and poetry – they have come to hold their own meaning.  

While roses are traditionally considered a romantic gift, a gift of love, there are different meanings ascribed to roses according to their colours. When it comes to what to buy on Valentine’s Day, the decision should be based on the recipient’s preferences naturally, but bearing in mind the meaning of the colours could also be a worthy consideration.  

Roses need not only be gifted on Feb 14. Roses of different colours are perfectly suited to many other occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, to say congratulations and even to say sorry. Do you know which rose suits which occasion? Take a look below to learn more about the meaning of roses.


Red Rose Meaning

Red roses are an undeniable expression of love. A bouquet of deep red roses has the ability to convey respect, admiration or endless devotion.    

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Orange Rose Meaning

These gorgeous fiery flowers are bursting with passion and energy.  While red roses express devotion and admiration, orange roses can convey intense longing and passion.    

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Lavender Rose Meaning

Soft and delicate, lavender roses express whimsy and enchantment. While darker shades of purple are intrinsically linked to royalty and majesty, the softer shades are more appropriate for expressing sentiments such as ‘love at first sight’.    

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Pink Rose Meaning

These sweet blooms are most often representative of grace and poetic romance. Sending the gift of pink roses is perfect for a new love.    

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White Rose Meaning

Often used in bridal bouquets, it’s no surprise that white roses have come to represent true love. Also used to express a love that is honest and true, there’s no sight more lovely than that of a bouquet of white roses.    

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Yellow Rose Meaning

For the longest time yellow roses have some to represent friendship. Due to their bright shade, they tend to be a useful bloom for cheering people up, making them a perfect choice for saying ‘get well’.    

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Black Rose Meaning

While the colour black is often associated with death and farewells, not all black roses have morbid connotations. The Black Halfeti Rose for example conveys a much more mysterious tone.  

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With so many shades and varieties, it’s hard to select a favourite. Do you have a preferred rose? We’ll take a bouquet of these beauties any day!

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