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Birth Flowers & Their Meanings: What Does Your Birth Flower Say About Your Personality

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We’re all aware of star signs and birthstones, but did you know that we all have a birth flower associated with the month we were born? It’s basically a floral version of your zodiac that holds meaning about your personality.

If you think about it, this extends the possibilities of personalising a bouquet for your significant other, best friend, mum or even yourself, by simply knowing their birth flower. Learn what your birth flowers reveal about you or your loved one’s personality below.

January: Carnations and Snowdrops

Despite their delicate appearance, carnations are resilient flowers that can withstand varying conditions. Just as these blooms unfurl to reveal their vibrant hues, you show your steadfast loyalty and determination in the face of adversity. You would also go to great lengths to show your family and friends how much you care, going above and beyond to support them during challenging times.

Another known January birth flower is the snowdrop. As one of the first flowers to bloom in season, snowdrops are a symbol of hope and new beginnings. Their delicate bell-shaped petals embody purity and resilience, mirroring your optimistic outlook and inner strength.


February: Violets, Primrose, and Iris

Violets are often associated with intuition and sensitivity—traits that resonate with individuals born in February. Just like violets, you are known for your compassionate nature, intuitive insights, and unwavering loyalty to your loved ones. Although you’re reserved, your quiet strength and depth of emotion speak volumes to those who truly know you. 

Primrose is also a popular February birth flower. These blooms symbolise youth and joy, reflecting your adventurous and optimistic spirit that thrives on embracing new experiences.

Last are irises known for their elegant, sword-shaped leaves and intricate, multi-petaled blooms. With the iris as your birth flower, you possess artistic talents and wisdom that shine through your actions and creations.


March: Daffodil and Jonquil

Daffodils’ trumpet-shaped coronas and vibrant hues of yellow and white symbolise hope and optimism, which perfectly capture the essence of March-born individuals. Much like your birth flower, you tend to radiate positivity and enthusiasm wherever you go.

Another March birth flower is the jonquil, which closely resembles daffodils but is smaller in size and features fragrant, clustered blooms. Jonquils symbolise affection, sympathy, and happiness, reflecting your nurturing and compassionate nature. 

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April: Daisy and Sweet Pea

April is usually represented by two vibrant, captivating flowers: daisies and sweet peas. Like daisies, you radiate youthful exuberance, innocence, and pure heart. With your happy-go-lucky personality and ability to bring a sense of joy wherever you go, there’s never a dull moment when you’re around.

Sweet peas are also a popular April birth flower that symbolises gratitude and appreciation. These charming blooms evoke feelings of gentleness, mirroring your affectionate and sensitive nature.


May: Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn

As they only bloom for a brief period, lilies of the valley are often associated with a deep appreciation for life’s simple joys and the fleeting beauty of each moment. Having the lily of the valley personality means you are able to find joy and meaning in brief moments, cherishing the small gestures of kindness by people around you.

Even from its name alone, Hawthorn or May Blossom is also a fitting May birth flower. Featuring fragrant flowers in shades of white and pink, these blooms symbolise happiness, beauty, and hope. Their longevity also reflects your enduring strength and resilience, who can face life’s challenges with grace and determination.

Lily of the Valley

June: Rose and Honeysuckle

If you’re born in June, you likely possess a romantic and compassionate nature, having a deep appreciation for beauty and love in all its forms. And what better flower to capture your innate romanticism than the rose? Often hailed as the queen of flowers, the rose is known as a symbol of love, passion, and beauty, evoking feelings of warmth and affection.

Another June birth flower is honeysuckle, which is also often associated with love, friendship, and affectionate bonds. With these two flowers as your birth flower, it goes without saying that you’re a true romantic at heart, and your accommodating nature makes it easy for people to get along with you.


July: Water Lily and Delphinium

Water lilies’ floating leaves and delicate, star-shaped flowers radiate an aura of tranquillity and serenity. Much like you, you resonate deeply with water lilies’ calm demeanour and intuitive nature. You find solace and inner peace amidst life challenges and are able to appreciate moments of quiet reflection.

Similar to the water lily, delphinium is also a July birth flower that radiates grace, dignity, and an open heart. Like its towering spikes of blossoms that stand tall, you approach life with an open mind and a generous heart, that’s why you feel experimental towards trying new things. People feel comfortable around you and appreciate your positivity, charm, and sense of humour.

Water Lily

August: Gladiolus and Poppy

Like how the gladiolus stands tall and proud with its sword-shaped leaves and trumpet-shaped blooms, you embody resilience and determination. You face challenges head-on with courage, confidence, and perseverance, always striving to stand tall and make a lasting impact. This quality of yours also makes you a natural-born leader who is very respected among your circle.

Another August birth flower that represents your vibrant and dynamic personality is the poppy. Just as this flower bursts forth with vivid colours, you embrace life with passion and enthusiasm, always seeking new adventures and experiences.

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September: Aster and Morning Glory

Aster flowers symbolise love and wisdom. And like what this September birth flower represents, you possess a loving and compassionate nature and are always willing to lend a helping hand with your wisdom. You might not seem like an emotional person, but you definitely wear your heart on your sleeve.

Morning Glory’s cheerful blooms also represent affection, creativity, and new beginnings. As a September baby, you have a creative and imaginative spirit, always seeking new opportunities for growth and self-expression.


October: Marigold and Cosmos

Just like the deep golden hues of marigolds, you exude warmth that can brighten anyone’s day. You have a sunny disposition and a zest of life, infusing every moment with laughter. As an October baby, you’re always driven, but also friendly and easy-going which is why others often rely on you for advice or help.

Having the cosmos as an October birth flower is just like having a friend like you—vibrant, cheerful, and full of life. Cosmos flowers are known for their bright and playful appearance, much like your infectious energy and positive attitude.

Marigold and Cosmos

November: Chrysanthemum

The intricate blooms and lush foliage of chrysanthemums symbolise love, joy, and longevity. And just like your November birth flower, you may come off as tough on the outside, but your warm and loving heart inevitably shines through with your gentle, honest, and compassionate nature. 


December: Narcissus and Holly

The delicate, trumpet-shaped blooms and sweet fragrance of narcissus symbolise transformation and growth. With narcissus as your December birth flower, you possess a resilient spirit and a sense of inner strength, always seeking opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery.

Holly is also a birth flower that perfectly captures your personality as a December baby. Its evergreen shrub adorned with glossy green leaves and bright red berries symbolise endurance and resilience. Like the holly, you possess a steadfast and enduring spirit that remains strong and vibrant even in the harshest of times.

Narcissus and Holly

Choosing and Gifting Birth Flowers

Now that you’ve learned your or your loved one’s birth flower, you can pick the perfect bloom that holds extra significance and meaning. If you want to go the extra mile and make your floral gift even more meaningful, consider these tips:

1. Understand the meaning of each flower.

Just like the person you’re sending the gift to, each flower has its own unique trait and significance. Take the time to understand what the flower symbolises in their personality. Understanding all its meanings and symbolism brings a layer of emotion and a personal touch to your floral gift. 

2. Consider their personal preferences.

While birth flowers offer a symbolic and meaningful choice, don’t forget to consider your recipient’s personal preferences. Take note of their favourite colour, flower, and even fragrance. It’s okay if their favourite flower doesn’t correspond with their birth month. After all, the most important thing is to pick a gift that resonates with them the most.

3. Explore floral arrangements.

Rather than giving just one stem or a bunch of flowers, consider getting flower arrangements that highlight the birth flower uniquely. From simple bouquets to elaborate flower arrangements, there are various options you can explore. Customising the arrangement with the birth flower as a centrepiece and creatively placing her favourite blooms into the mix can make the gift even more special and memorable.

4. Add a personal touch.

Curate a gift that shows your thoughts and efforts by adding something unique to your relationship or the recipient. Match the birth flowers with a handwritten note or add complementary gifts they would enjoy, such as hampers with their favourite snacks and beverages or a piece of jewellery that features their birthstone.

Flowers That Are as Unique as You

Just as each flower blooms in its own time and season, birth month flowers tell a lot about what makes a person unique and special. They make a perfect birthday flower gift that celebrates the individuality and beauty of your recipient, too. Interflora™ Australia has a range of flower arrangements and bouquets that perfectly capture the essence of each birth month flower, allowing you to express your sentiments with elegance and thoughtfulness. 

So, what is your birth flower and what does it say about you? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtags #AlwaysInterflora and #InterfloraAU.

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