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Floral Fragrances Get a Revamp

12 min read
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We love our floral fragrances but they’re not for everyone, with many women now opting for musky undertones in their pretty bottles or stealing a spritz of their male partner’s cologne.

It’s true that a rose fragrance will make you feel feminine and sweet, a fragrance that doesn’t quite match with a mostly-black wardrobe or smoky-eyed beauty routine.

Whilst the scent of lily or orchid might be dreamlike to some, others would prefer to add woody notes and ‘dirty’ up their everyday perfume.

Luckily, the ‘it’ fragrances currently on every trendy woman’s wish list are sporting a revamped style so we don’t have to completely disregard floral scents.

Whilst overtly floral fragrances are out, darker and more sensual perfumes are in. Our favourites are those derived from our favourite flowers; roses and lilies.

Here are our top picks…


byredo perfume.jfif

Byredo Rose Noir


Intense, decadent, sultry.

Fragrance Notes:

Damascena rose, violet, Lily of the Valley, grapefruit, freesia, red berries, cardamom, jasmine, patchouli, moss, and musk.

A contemporary twist on the traditional rose we know and love, Byredo’s Rose Noir comes with a dirty, intense quality for a dark, modern scent.

No longer simply a classic symbol of love and devotion, the rose has gained an animalic spin to create Rose Noir. The result is sensual and decadent with notes of jasmine, musk, grapefruit, and moss.

A favourite in many beauty cabinets, you’ll probably purchase this for special occasions, only to find it slinking its way into your daily routine.

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Tom Ford Café Rose


Enticing. Exotic. Seductive.

Fragrance Notes:

Rose de Mai, Turkish rose, Bulgarian rose, saffron, black pepper, coffee, incense, amber, sandalwood, patchouli.

This seductive and alluring scent is perfect for those looking for a classic fragrance with a modern Oriental hint.

With notes of saffron, black pepper, coffee, and sandalwood, three types of sweetly scented roses combine to create this unique fragrance.

Suited to both women and men, this scent explores the darker pleasures of the rose flower and will leave anyone who smells it wanting more.

le labo rose perfume bottle.jfif

Le Labo Rose 31


Assertive, dark, masculine.

Fragrance Notes:

Grasse rose, cumin, cedar, and amber.

Rose 31 is blended by hand for a unique scent in each bottle. The voluptuous and feminine Grasse rose is transformed into an assertive, made-to-order fragrance.

The powerful scent is delicately rosy, but touches of earthy woods and spices make this a unisex fragrance. Mesmerizingly ambiguous, this fragrance is practically designed to be stolen by women.

With animalic notes, this rose perfume is dark, dangerous, and perfectly refined. We’ll be adding this one to our cart.

acqua di parma perfume bottle.jfif

Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile


Elegant. Feminine. Warm.

Fragrance Notes:

Pepper, mandarin, Italian bergamot, Italian rose, Lily Of The Valley, peony, violet, cedar wood, and musk.

More feminine than some of the other scents on this list, Acqua Di Parma still balances the beautiful scents of Centifolia rose, peony, and Lily of the Valley, with more masculine notes of cedar wood, musk, and pepper.

This luxurious perfume also adds Italian bergamot and Sicilian mandarin for a fresh feel. Velvety, refined, and timeless, Rosa Nobile is an alluring take on the precious rose.

jo malone perfume bottle.jfif

Jo Malone London Velvet Rose & Oud


Refined. Decadent. Magnetic.

Fragrance Notes:

Damask rose, smoky oud wood, praline, and clove.

Opulent Damask roses sourced from Turkey, Morocco, and Bulgaria, are at the heart of this sumptuous scent. The spicy fragrance of clove balances fresh bergamot for an exotic perfume for both women and men.

Smoky wood and balsamic add a further rich edge to this unique blend. With velvety sweet and majestic rose overtones, this perfume suits those seeking a spicy sensual edge.


miu miu perfume bottle.jfif

Miu Miu L'eau Bleue


Edgy. Joyful. Sparkling.

Fragrance Notes:

Lily of the Valley, honeysuckle, and Akigalawood.

This revamped scent (a fresh version of Miu Miu Signature) offers a contemporary take on Lily of the Valley, evoking youthful sophistication. The radiant perfume perfectly captures morning dew and the arrival of Spring.

Although you will feel like you are wearing a floral bouquet, the addition of akigalawood (think earthy, woody, peppery accord) keeps this scent down to earth.

gucci perfume bottle.jfif

Gucci Bamboo Limited Edition


Elegant. Feminine. Exotic.

Fragrance Notes:

Lily, bergamot, sandalwood, vanilla.

This contemporary fragrance harmonizes woody notes with Casablanca lily and Tahitian vanilla. Perfect for moving from the boardroom to a dinner date, this alluring fragrance has been designed to capture today’s multifaceted woman.

Soft yet intense, this exotic scent exudes sophistication for a modern expression of femininity that still maintains its romance. You won’t forget to leave the house without spritzing on this secret weapon!

michael kors perfume bottle.jfif

Michael Kors Turquoise Eau de Parfum


Hypnotic. Sensual. Fresh.

Fragrance Notes:

Water lily, jasmine, wild orchid, cucumber, lime, ambrox, cedar wood, and musk.

This lush fragrance comes with serious spa vibes, thanks to the notes of cucumber, lime, jasmine, and wild orchid. The modern sensuality of water lily is emboldened with accents of ambrox, musk, and cedar wood.

This limited edition fragrance offers an invigorating modern edge for the trendsetting woman. Change up your beauty routine with a splash of this hypnotic scent.

tom ford lily perfume.jfif

Tom Ford Shanghai Lily


Opulent. Tantalizing. Elegant.

Fragrance Notes:

Black pepper, bitter orange, jasmine, and tuberose.

Shanghai Lily transports the senses with its oriental and opulent notes. Elegant florals, warm spices, velvety vanilla and frankincense create to form this glamorous scent.

Elegant and evocative of temptation, you will dream of travelling along the Silk Road once you smell this smoky fragrance. The delicious blend of beautiful ingredients has us craving more!

jo malone ginger perfume.jfif

Jo Malone London Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Cologne


Smoky. Seductive. Sensual.

Fragrance Notes:

Water lily, black orchid, black cardamom, and Kyara incense.

Claimed to be the ‘essence of evening’, this sensual and calming blend offers the ultimate luxury. Water lily is combined with black orchid and rare Kyara incense, and added to a top note of aromatic black cardamom. Kyara wood is prized in the Kohdo ceremony – a highly ritualised Japanese art of incense appreciation.

The combination of decadent and luxurious ingredients has resulted in a sensual and distinctive fragrance.


balenciaga perfume.jfif

Balenciaga Florabotanica


Exotic. Experimental. Daring.

Fragrance Notes:

Carnation, wild mint, Turkish rose, hemp leaves, vetiver roots, and white amber.

This velvety floral scent blends carnation and rose with wild mint, hemp leaves, vetiver roots and white amber. The result is an experimental scent highlighting florals in a whole new way. The unconventional fragrance pays homage to 18th century botanical gardens filled with exotic plant species.

You could easily describe Florabotanica as being both flowery and thorny, with its hemp undertones giving it a narcotic twist. This scent will make any wearer feel both beautiful and dangerous, just like the rarest of botanical species.


tom form orchid perfume.jfif

Tom Ford Black Orchid


Luxurious. Sensual. Glamorous.

Fragrance Notes:

Black orchid, incense, patchouli, and sandalwood.

Both modern and timeless, this luxurious fragrance is full of rich, dark accords and an alluring combination of black orchids and spice. This sensual potion could easily be worn by men with its woody notes, and women wanting to stay away from feminine florals will welcome this.

Wearers of Black Orchid will make an unforgettable statement with this iconic and glamorous scent.


byredo perfume.jfif

Byredo La Tulipe


Fresh. Modern.

Fragrance Notes:

Tulip, cyclamen, freesia, rhubarb, blonde woods, and vetiver.

An interpretation of what tulips might smell like, if they had a scent. This fresh and exciting fragrance combines tulips with woody notes and hints of rhubarb.

 The intention is to be able to feel spring and its first blooming flowers (sounds like a dream to us!).

This fragrance is less evocative of florals and more of fresh air but we have to admit, it does seem to perfectly capture the soft scent of what a tulip should smell like.


daisy marc jacobs perfume.jfif

Daisy Marc Jacobs


Fresh. Feminine. Sensual.

Fragrance Notes:

Wild strawberry, violet leaves, ruby red grapefruit, jasmine, gardenia, vanilla, musk, and white woods.

Most of us have sampled (or been devoted to) Daisy at one point or another but there’s a reason it’s been a favourite, and updated regularly, since its release.

The iconic fragrance combines a number of beautiful scents into one winning fragrance, with wild strawberry and ruby red grapefruit helping it stand out from the crowd.

 Elegant and youthful, this vibrant scent comes with a sensual side, crafted through the addition of vanilla, musk, and white woods. If you’re yet to try this modern take on a vintage feel, now is the time.

Adding one of these to your wish list? Or have you already fallen in love with one of these revamped floral fragrances? Head to our Facebook and let us know, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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